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Salmon Street Springs Fountain

SW Naito Pkwy & SW Salmon St · Portland, OR

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Look for the bicycles. Share your cell phone number with other POAC folks going!

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The Thursday Night Ride is always a blast!

This is a weekly Portland bike ride event - POAC is not hosting this ride. Meetup now requires someone to be listed as the host so yours truly will be the host in abstentia unless otherwise noted in the Meetup description. This means there is no one from the POAC actually hosting this meetup and you want to connect with others from our meetup group attending the event, follow the instructions below.

Signups will open up 5 days before this ride. You can sign up on this page to let other people in the POAC know that you are going but there is a separate FB page created for each ride where you can sign up to let the people who are leading the ride know you are interested. (Signing up on the FB page is not required to attend.) Unfortunately the FB event page changes every week so I can't give you a link that will always work. See below for other web links that should help you find it.

If you want to connect with people from POAC attending the ride, you will need to share your cell phone numbers before the ride and then locate one another at the Park before the ride starts using your cell phones.

What: Thursday Night Ride
When: Every Thursday currently at 7PM (ride at 7:30 pm)
Where: Salmon Street Fountain. The west side where Salmon street hits the waterfront.

Thursday Night, the streets are ours. Come one, come all! Bring yr bike and your enthusiasm!!! We are going to RIDE, nice and easy in a big chill group. Slow pace, taking the main streets in the inner city, through downtown and around the main streets of N, NE, and SE. There will be a beer/snack/restroom stop near the end of the ride.

We are out to have fun, to celebrate life. We are out to get bikes into the street. Bring your friends, bring your excitement!!!


Rule #1 No complaining about the rules
Rule #2 Don’t be a jerk
Rule #3 Pack out all waste
Rule #4 Stay with the ride leader over Burnside bridge
Rule #5 Don’t play chicken with oncoming traffic in any capacity or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #6 Don’t overtake cars, stay with the group behind vehicles or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #7 Be especially attentive if you are at the front of the pack or you will get relegated to the back
Rule #8 You not only represent the group, you represent my bike shop, see Rule #2
Rule #9 Newer riders, slower riders, and people who are chill by default roll at the front

Mutual respect is the law of the land. Respect each other and respect yourself! Make sure everyone gets home SAFE. We are out to bring positivity!

There will be a beer/snack/restroom stop near the end of the ride. [ "Portlandurbanbike" is a closed FB group but request permission and they should let you join. This is the best FB group for getting up to date information on each week's ride, so I highly recommend you join and check there every week for details. They may even post a route map that you can find and follow and use to catch up with the group if you miss the start. ]

What to bring: Helmet, bicycle lock, water or beverage of choice, snacks, layers of clothes that can added or removed depending on the weather, extra flashlight or headlamp.

Light up your bicycle: YYGIFT® Waterproof 20 LED Bicycle Wheel Light String Safety Cool Bike Wheel Light for Night Safe Cycling ( These lights are under $10 per strand but be sure to order two strands so you can do both wheels. Also the strands are 24 inches so there will be a two inch gap on a 26 inches wheel. But this is actually perfect because this gives you two inches of wheel rim where you can pass through a bicycle lock and not risk breaking the light wire. (Warning: wires are very thin to be careful not to break when installing.)

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