2016 Urban Permaculture Design Course Registration

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Planet Repair Institute and Jean's Farm in SE

Sellwood, Springwater Corridor & Johnson Creek · Portland, OR

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Official course dates are October 22-23, November 5-6, December 10-11, January 14-15. Feb 11-12, March 11-12, April 8-9, May 6-7

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***Info for registered participants***

Location: For this coming Saturday, the first day, we will meet at the Planet Repair Institute (PRI), located at 8512 SE 8th Ave in Sellwood, not far from the New Seasons store. For PRI, a bike rack is provided in front of the house and there is ample nearby street parking for cars.

On Sunday, we will meet at the course's 2nd location, Jean's Farm, 3707 SE Johnson Creek Blvd. If you must drive, vehicles need to park on either SE 36th Ave or SE 40th Ave (please be sure not to block any driveways) and walk to the gated address, between 36th and 40th on the opposite (north) side of Johnson Creek Blvd. It's a black chain-link gate with a red sign on it, with a few hundred feet of black chain-link fence enclosing the property on both sides. The number 3707 is on the gate post but hard to see from a car. PLEASE do not pull in front of the gate with your car, attempt to drive down, or stop to drop anyone off there. These are the landowner's strict rules, for everyone's safety.

Text Matt for the gate combo at[masked] (the combo info was also sent to you in the welcome email). You will need to dial the combo and push lock up before pulling it down to unlock. Unless someone is walking in immediately behind you, scramble the combo and lock the gate behind you. We keep it locked also at the landowner's request for safety. If you see the landowner, Steve Johnson (in the picture below) on your way in or out, please be sure to say hello! He's happy to have us on the land, likes us best when we follow his reasonable rules and and also appreciates being greeted when visitors to his property meet him.

From the gate, follow signs to the farm down the path. plan about 5 minutes from parking to arriving. If you require alter-abled access, please let me know privately, ahead of time. The path to the farm goes down and up a bit of elevation. Visit www.trimet.org (http://www.trimet.org/) for Max line and bus information (#34 and #75 busses stop very close to the address and the Orange line is only one mile away). If you're coming by bicycle, bring bikes all the way down to the farm with you. The landowner does not want bicycles locked to the fence or visible anywhere from the street.

Course Description:

The PDC often is remembered as the point where people say that everything began to change for them. In gaining a deep perspective and practical skill set of how we can design our systems and our lives to be more fruitful for all, something unexpected happens. We began to realize that our lifelong yearnings are finally being satisfied, a hunger for meaningful connection without feeling like you have to conform or abandon your values. You meet amazing people of all walks of life and realize that there's a community of folks just like you, ready for change and waiting for the right place and time to take the leap. Welcome to the rest of your life!

The permaculture design course is a must-do for anyone trying to answer the call for change in our work and our lives, the way we live and the way we relate with one another to better meet our local needs. More than just an approach to regenerative food production, permaculture design helps us to understand how many efforts unite to form a common cause, while allowing that cause to be specific to the individual as long as the effort supports other people, the planet and the fair sharing of the resources provided by each.

Led by Mark Lakeman (co-founder of the City Repair Project and Communitecture Design) and Matt Bibeau (co-founder of the Institute of Permaculture Education for Children and long-time City repair organizer), the course will include many of our bioregion’s top instructors of ecological design as guest instructors. The course will cover topics soil remediation, water harvesting, food systems and forest gardening, natural building techniques, urban ecology and foraging, plant propagation and grafting techniques, small scale energy systems, climate change resilience strategies, ecological patterning, community mapping, drawing and graphing techniques, collaborative design methods and more. Our course is not limited to the classroom and theoretical learning – we will be spending lots time outside and on the farm applying our knowledge, learning from hands-on techniques, and actively implementing systems that will have an immediate direct impact on the neighborhood and on the planet.

Our course will take place at the Planet Repair Institute as well as at Jeans Farm, two locations along the Springwater corridor in the Johnson Creek watershed of SE Portland. During each session, we explore a different ‘layer’ of the possibilities for neighborhood transformation and ‘block repair’. We consider simple no-cost or low-cost interventions and small scale intensive systems that any neighborhood could implement in order to help transition our urban spaces into thriving social ecologies. Blending the whole system design methods of permaculture with the urban reclamation techniques of block repair, we explore opportunities to reclaim the commons, activate underutilized spaces, integrate water management and energy systems, create vibrant perennial food systems, and localize our economic relations.

***Official dates are October 22-23, November 5-6, December 10-11, January 14-15. Feb 11-12, March 11-12, April 8-9, May 6-7***

Course fees will average $800 per person, with higher or lower prices based on your economic ability and available spots (so your individual cost may be as low as $600 and as high as $1200). Fill out our COURSE COST QUESTIONNAIRE (https://goo.gl/forms/1U89TdSO1IH8afur2) and we will be in contact with you to determine an appropriate course fee. By RSVPing here and paying the $100 non-refundable deposit, your place in the course is secured. upon filling out the questionnaire, we will contact you and will happily refund your registration if a mutually-agreeable cost can not be determined. (So far that's never happened!)

Wholesome, mostly local and vegetarian lunch is included in the course fees (which is amazing!) The course will run from 9 to 4:30 on most days with an afternoon break for lunch.

Reserve your spot in the course by paying a $100 deposit through Meet-up here.

Permaculture Design Certificates are issued after completion of the course. For a glimpse at our course and our instructors, check out these videos produced by Dana Wilson from last year's PDC:

HEALING FORCES (https://vimeo.com/133786088)

RIGHT WHERE WE LIVE (https://vimeo.com/133806838)