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NOTICE: Hybrid meetings, to be announced, where some members will attend in person are STRICTLY LIMITED to those who have been vaccinated in order to attend in person. Otherwise, the zoom meeting information will be given and anyone can attend via Zoom. We will not schedule in person only meetings for the time being.

RECOMMENDED: for better results in attempting to play music over Zoom, follow the instructions given for using "original sound," and, if possible, buy if necessary and use either an external USB microphone (available at Amazon, Zzounds, Sweetwater, and various other audio suppliers, including probably Best Buy) or an audio interface with better quality microphones. A sound recorder with USB connector may also be effective. The use of the "soundcard" ciruitry on most laptops, which is what converts the analog signal from a microphone into digital signal, is not very satisfactory. A USB microphone bypasses this circuitry and converts the analog signal to digital with better fidelity. The sound processed through Zoom otherwise is all but unlistenable for music. We will not limit anyone's participation, but the results will be more satisfactory if you follow this recommendation. It will aslo of course improve your sound for any other musical use of Zoom you may be attempting during this time.

To convert to original sound on Zoom. Go to the little wheel, for settings, in the program page, or Audio settings in the menu from the little up arrow next to the microphone during a meeting session. Select audio settings. Then select Advanced, which is at the bottom. Tick the box that says "Show in meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone. Also change "Suppress Persistent Background Noise" to "disable" and likewise "Suppress intermittent background noise" to "disable." (Zoom interprets piano sound as noise). Click back then close settings. You have to check during every meeting to make sure the little box in the upper left (only appears when you 'hover' over it) says "Turn off original sound" (meaning that original sound is ON). If it says "turn ON original sound," click it to do that. Your sound will then bypass Zoom's compression routines. You need good broadband for this to work well, but if you have that, the piano sound is MUCH better.


Group devoted to people who want to Meet other piano players. All levels and styles of music are welcome. Share the pieces they're working on; Learn from others; Be exposed to pieces others have discovered; Share their love of the piano and piano music.

Don't worry about how proficient you are. There's no competition here. All levels of ability are welcome, from beginners to advanced. One purpose of the group is to encourage others to work on their skills; build from where they are.

Do you freeze up in front of an audience? This is a way to get used to playing for others in a casual, supportive setting.

All styles of music are welcome—classical, jazz, pop, whatever you play, we want to hear it.

Even young children are welcome, as long as they are accompanied by an adult, and older teens are welcome to join on their own.

Don't be intimidated if you are not yet "fully proficient," or if your piece or what you're playing isn't perfect. This can be a workshop, not just a venue for polished performance. If in doubt, come anyway, you will be welcome. Even people just wanting to listen or check it out are welcome to join the group and come.

Also, four hand or other instruments with piano are welcome. We can sometimes accommodate voice and piano, but if you need a microphone, you may need to bring it yourself or make your own arrangements with the venue, as this is not a service we can routinely provide or pay for. Please don't record others' performances without their permission.

Come join us!

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