What we're about

The purpose of this group is to learn to live better, happier, more fulfilling lives. We want to increase our well-being.

We will learn about emotions, relationships, positive psychology decision science, trauma recovery, personal growth and more.

I believe the best relationship advice that you can give anyone is to focus on being a better person. That's what we plan to do here.

We will read books about these topics and have structured conversations about these books.

My long term goal for this group is to build a community of people who share this common interest.

You don't have to read the book to come. I do read all the books and I lead the conversation and no one has to speak. It's ok to just listen. If you wish to get more familiar with the content of the book there are plenty of videos, ted talks, and or book summaries online that you could review before coming. I try to post some in the meetup details but more can be found.

Hope to see you !

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"The Myths of Happiness" by Sonja Lyubomirsky

Common Grounds Coffeehouse

This book provides a refreshing new vantage point on the major turning points of adult life: marriage, children, jobs, wealth. It also shows new strategies for dealing with life’s failures: singlehood, divorce, financial ruin, illness, etc. The author reveals some major misconceptions about the impact good and bad events will have on our long-term well-being. Lyubomirsky argues that we have been given false promises—myths that assure us that lifelong happiness will be attained once we hit the culturally confirmed markers of adult success. This restricted view of happiness works to discourage us from recognizing the upside of any negative life turn and blocks us from stepping into our own growth potential. This is a very practical book with solid strategies and new insights into the best ways to make life’s disappointments less painful and life’s successes more long lasting. No need to read the book if you're busy. Check out these links and join us with your thoughts: The author speaking on stage at a conference: http://bit.ly/2HCCFUg A television interview with the author: http://bit.ly/2HOLyKD The five big ideas from the book: http://bit.ly/2HOLyKD

The Art Of Thinking Clearly By Rolf Dobelli

Common Grounds Coffeehouse

This book goes over common thinking errors and gives stories relating their impact to daily life. So far, it's been a fun and easy read that is very fascinating.

Let's read "The Righteous Mind" by Jonathan Haidt

Common Grounds Coffeehouse

Intellectually, most of us understand that people with divergent opinions aren’t bad, but have different vantage points. However, these days more people believe that those who disagree are malicious evil doers, hell-bent on tearing down society. In “The Righteous Mind,” social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores the deep biological origins of our divisions and points the way forward to mutual understanding. Ranked as one of the best non-fiction reads of the year, this book provides fascinating insight into the powerful motivations that have fanned the flames of partisanship in these contentious times. No need to read the book if you're busy. Check out these links and join us with your thoughts: 90-Minute Lecture at Grand Valley State University: http://bit.ly/2UTGk1K Speaking at the Google Campus: http://bit.ly/2USYX5P TED Talk - The Moral Roots of Liberals & Conservatives: http://bit.ly/2UUNzGJ

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Feeling Good Together by David Burns

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

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