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A gathering point for people who want to explore sexuality as prayer. (i.e. subtle energy meditation, communication with life)

It is possible to rededicate our sexing to making deeper connections with essence: our own and our partner's. To open to God/Spirit/Universe and to direct the energy we cultivate in conscious, mutual, respectful touch to do beautiful prayerful work in the world.

You should join if you have
• done the needed personal work to confront and clear shadow material
• are ready to show up in authenticity and present-time awareness
• are ready for an alternative to the standard social script of what sex looks like
• are excited to do something profoundly different and beautiful
• are willing to dedicate your sexual energy beyond your personal pleasure to support your own expansion into love and heal all of life
• have enough personal awareness and support around any relevant trauma to feel safe engaging this topic in a group
• are able to show up in honesty and integrity with high standards of care towards yourself and others

The vision will evolve over time, but initially I would like to just meet others who are interested in this topic and share about our experiences and enthusiasms/needs. I am prepared to do some teaching if that is aligned.

The meetings themselves will not include sex or nudity, but may involve energetic practices that can be shared or experienced solo.

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