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This is a Meetup for systems administrators, DevOps-minded folks, SaltStack customers, users and contributors. We will have relevant content from Salt users and contributors who are solving real-world business problems. SaltStack is software used for enterprise scale infrastructure automation, cloud orchestration and application deployment and configuration management. The Salt open source software project was written in Python and according to GitHub is one of the largest and most active open source projects in the world. SaltStack is used by Web-scale IT organizations like LinkedIn, Lyft, Hulu, Salesforce.com, NASA JPL, Clemson University, Photobucket, XMission, and thousands more.

Come join us and get Salted!

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Let's talk SaltStack!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Can someone please help us host this meetup at their office? We'll bring some great content and are open to you sharing your use cases, too. We need a place to meet. Let's shoot for mid to late March so we can all organize it with enough time to get the word out. Please let us know if you can help.



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Adobe's Utah Center

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