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This group: is for creative, intuitive people who are on a mission to make the world a better place. For the empaths and HSPs who know that their sensitivity can be their superpower! Those of us who are looking for a tribe of like-minded people. So we may endeavor on the journey of expanding consciousness and healing alongside our community members.

The Expansion Collective: is a company that launched in early February. An online global community, that aims to create sacred space through live community events as well as webinars. With the mission to support the thought leaders, innovators, activists, artists, dreamers and other big-hearted people in this world. All by merging the modern with the mystical for human optimization of brain/gut function and next-level health and happiness.

Join the group to tap into this community of powerful, amazing people. Offerings will include interviews with guest experts, chances to have your work featured, workshops, group programs and retreats.

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Biohacks for a Superhuman Immune System

Online event

** Link to Register: https://bit.ly/biohacksmasterclass ** Are you a fellow empathic creative looking to kick those habits that are not serving you? Are you ready to learn how to take your health to the next level so you can take your creative output to the next level? The secret lies in the GUT. Because even the most ingenious thinker’s mind and body is likely Hijacked by GutInvaders. You have heard fellow nutrition nuts talking about probiotics and enzymes and eating clean. But what are they NOT telling you? WHY should you care about this? And do you really want to be supplementing for the rest of your life? How can this be solved once and for all? The secret they’re not telling you is the SOURCE of all these needs. It’s the ugly truth that the great majority of us have INVADERS in our gut, that are the root of our weakness, our cloudiness, our moodiness, and our compromised immune systems. Before you attack the Gut invaders, you need to know which ones you have. When you do grapple with the GutInvaders, and vanquish them you get: -Pristine Genius Gut Feelings that never lead you astray. -Crystal clear thinking mind -Strong-ass Immune System -Steady good moods Y-our own Genius turned on in the gut, heart, and brain! In this donation-based Masterclass, we are going to identify the top invader in your gut that is causing so many of the issues you’re tired of dealing with. Know anyone you'd like to bring with you (virtually) while we all practice social distancing? Statistics show that bringing a partner for accountability ups your chances of follow-through and success by dramatic percentages. We'd love to have them along! See you there. ** TO REGISTER: https://bit.ly/biohacksmasterclass ** (Upon registering you will receive the Zoom link. Be sure to download the Zoom App onto your device before the live class.)

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Reboot & Rise: Biohacks for a Superhuman Immune System

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