• SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Overview

    Microsoft District Office

    The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a powerful set of tools for building web parts and other custom code solutions. Microsoft has positioned SPFx as a replacement for the popular JavaScript injection approach as well as other previous development models. SPFx has matured dramatically since its introduction a few years ago and now not only supports developing for SharePoint online but also SharePoint on-premise and even Teams. To show you how quickly you can get started with the Framework, we’ll demo how you can create and deploy a Hello World app to an Office 365 tenant. And, then, to see some of the advantages to using SPFx compared to the old JavaScript injection approach we’ll demo a solution originally written using JavaScript injection alongside the refactored version written using SPFx. This presentation does discuss code briefly at points, but is not a code deep dive. It is intended for anyone who is simply interested in modern development approaches in SharePoint and Office 365 whether they code themselves or happen to work alongside developers or consultants. Erik Benke is a Senior SharePoint Developer and Architect at Mentor Graphics (a Siemens Business). Agenda: 11:30am - Welcome time, catering served, general SharePoint Q&A 12:00pm - Main presentation Questions? Email [masked]

  • The very basics of Information Security on O365

    Microsoft District Office

    Two presenters at our security-focused October meeting. Jonathan Bennington will be speaking about how PAE implemented Multi Factor Authentication, which did not include the premium P2 Azure Active Directory licensing. Jonathan will cover the Microsoft mobile authentication app and what their future looks like shutting down app passwords for Office. Our second presenter is a Security Engineer for a local nonprofit health care company who will speak to some of the basics around securing SharePoint Online. Including quick settings, Data Loss Prevention, Retention Labels, Security Score, and where to find logs for auditing and security purposes. The overall theme of this presentation is security tools you already own, that you can easily turn on and implement right now, and CYA at any business of any size.

  • Ignite Debrief?

    Microsoft District Office

    Every year Microsoft makes huge announcements at Microsoft Ignite - this debrief panel discussion is a way to rapidly download the most important topics relevant to SharePoint & O365 professionals who were unable to attend. Are you attending Ignite and able to speak at this panel discussion? Please leave a comment.

  • The 10 BEST and WORST modern apps in SharePoint as an end user (Online Meeting)

    What's THE BEST and THE WORST moderns apps you've come across in SharePoint? More details coming soon about this meeting! Currently date/time is tentative. This will be an online meeting hosted via Microsoft Teams and we will be doing 5-minute lightening talks from several presenters. We will have a sign up form for speakers that have an app they want to praise or an app or that they want to publicly roast. Stay tuned.

  • Holiday Party and professional networking event

    Needs a location

    More details TBA. Do you have a venue idea?