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Meadows resort skiing/boarding

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Let's Ski!

Everyone will go into RSVP and I will manually add folks when riding spots open up. Drivers will get priority. Folks who no showed last time will stay on RSVP, but will be able to join if space is available. From there it will be in order of RSVP. I am sure we will all be able to go so no worries. But, I do want to keep some kind of order.

Has anyone missed those reliable Saturday trips to Mt Hood? Me too, so I am trying to get it going again. Overall the 'rules' will be the same (see below), with a few tweaks:

1. I do not have a mountain worthy vehicle. So, we will need at least one driver in the original group of four. Please check this before signing up. It won't do us any good to have four passengers.

2. Please be patient with me. I doubt I will be able to do this half as well as Magnus did. But, I am very excited to get these trips going again and will be learning as we go.

Below is an description of the event and a disclaimer. Please read once. It will not change much from week to week.

Number of members who can attend: We are limited by the number of drivers. As more drivers sign up more seats will be made available. The people on the waiting list will automatically be moved up.

Meeting place: We meet in the SE corner of the parking structure at the Gateway Transit Center. If you are concerned about finding us feel free to email me earlier in the week and I'll send you my phone number so that you can call the day of the event if need be.

Riding up: There is no need to arrange rides prior to arriving at Gateway. We'll always drive the fewest possible number of cars to the mountain and will divide up at Gateway. No one will be left behind. Be on time, though. We don't wait for stragglers.

Gas money: Each rider pays $15 to the driver for each trip. Please have cash ready and offer to the driver without him/her having to ask.

On the mountain: Most of us prefer to ski/board with others. Once at Meadows we meet up by the outside ticket booth and group up according to skill level. You can of course take off on you own if you prefer.

Helmets save lives. Please wear one.

Disclaimer: While this is a regular Meetup event it is not “led” in the same way we might be used to having Meetup events led. I'll see you long enough to get you in a car at Gateway and possibly again at Meadows long enough to get you hooked up with a group but unless you are skiing with me we will have limited contact. Each person needs to self manage, come prepared for the weather conditions and ski/board according to his/hers ability.

Liability Waiver:

As with User Agreements on the Internet that we all click on but never read hundreds if not thousands of event organizers around the country have event participants sign boiler plate liability waivers prior to events that aren't read by the participants. I have little faith that those waivers would hold up in court should something unfortunate happen during the event and the organizer get end up in court being sued. In plain language I want to make it real clear that you are participating in this event at your own risk and that by signing up you are releasing the event organizer of all liability. All outdoor events are potentially high risk and you need to use your personal judgement in keeping that risk below your comfort level. You should never do anything you feel might result in injury or worse depending on someones judgement other then your own. Should injury or worse still occur you realize the fault is your own and you agree not to pass the blame to the event organizer or another team member. You may participate in the event only under these conditions.