What we're about


What our Meetup is about
If you have a year or more of guitar playing experience, and,

• you want to get started playing better slide guitar,
• and you'll be in Portland when these classes are held, this one's for you!

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Who We Are
I'm Eric Kallio, a performing and recording artist. My passion is playing slide guitar and all things strings. You can learn to play slide well too, and I can help you improve on your existing/early slide skills or get a smooth start with slide basics.

What/Where We Are
I've teamed up with The Rocky Butte Guitar Slide Company and Arte Soliel Creative Studio (both in Portland) to offer a two-session small-group workshop- one hour each- to help folks get rolling with a guitar slide.

Your Slide
If you have a slide you'd like to use, great! Bring it along! And if not, The Rocky Butte Guitar Slide Company offers our group a discount on their top-of-the-line boro glass slides and will help students find the right fit (an ill-fitting slide is hard to manage).

Our Venue
The fine people at Arte Soleil are hosting this workshop at their arts center in SE Portland.

Member Contacts
Instructor: Eric Kallio
With 25 years of playing experience, I'm excited to share this simple and clear guide on slide guitar fundamentals. I currently work for Reed College, hosting groups and facilitating specific activities. Sharing my personal passion with professional skill will be exciting, engaging, and informative.

Slide Maker: Bill Larson
I made my first slide in 1969 from laboratory Pyrex glass for a neighbor who cut his hand trying to make a slide from a wine bottle. I still make slides in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and believe the best slide is one that fits! I'm offering custom slides at a discount for anyone signing up for Eric's classes. Questions welcomed!

Venue: Kris Bella, Pete Fennell
Our artist' cooperative is a center for creativity and learning. With over 60 members providing art to the public in as many forms (painting, music, poetry, batik, watercolor, custom guitar slides [ahem], writers, sculptors, tattoo artists, toy makers, printmakers, designers, crafters) and more, Arte Soleil offers space for artists who want to share their talent and skills with others.

Please join us!

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