What we're about

Beginning speakers and experienced speakers alike have all benefited from our club. We welcome anyone into this group that has an interest in developing their speaking skills in any capacity. We are a diverse and respectful group of people with a broad range of interests and backgrounds. Students, professionals, job seekers, retirees - all are welcome. Our diversity lends to fun and interesting meetings during which we hear each other’s stories, opinions, and ideas in the context of structured meeting.

· Whether you have an interest in speaking in front of larger groups or not, thinking on your feet in this context will prepare you well for interviews, participating in meetings, collaborative environments, etc. · You can expect to meet some interesting people! · You will feel supported and encouraged.

· You will learn A LOT about body language and verbal cues, story-telling, and structuring speeches in a way that maintains audience engagement.

· You may begin looking forward to a stimulating and refreshing break in your work day!

· You will learn to carry yourself with confidence when you’re under the spotlight.

We begin promptly at 12:15 and conclude at 1:15. Arriving 5-10 minutes early allows for our meetings to begin on time which is important to us so that we can respect the schedules of those that need to return to work as scheduled. Our roles for the meeting are primarily set via our member portal on which we access the agenda and sign up for these roles. We begin with a prepared speech by one of the members, continue to impromptu speaking which involves all members and invites guests to participate only if they would like (“table topics”), and conclude with evaluations of the roles and impromptu speaking. Evaluations are a an important part of the meeting structure that allow us all to provide and receive encouragement and feedback.

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