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From Our Original Fearless Leader Susan:

We are a small (limited to 12 or so attending at any one meeting so please watch the RSVP) group of mid to late-mid life women coming together every other week primarily for group discussion. We are open-minded, open-hearted, progressive in our thinking. The intent of this group is to provide a space for women to share their accumulated wisdom, experiences, difficulties and laughter. We can share our philosophies, psychological perspectives, our spiritual aspirations, and relationship hopes and dreams. Ultimately, we hope to forge true friendships among individuals within the group. We welcome those with good communication skills (both speaking and listening); a basic understanding of, and commitment to, group dynamics; and a willingness to participate with enthusiasm, respect and integrity. Our responsibility is to form a welcoming, safe space for each of us to feel we can express our authentic selves.

We will be meeting initially at a private home in inner SE Portland on Saturday afternoons from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. This was decided because the focus of the group is communication, rather than just socializing. Being in a public place limits the depth of interaction between us. As the group grows we may negotiate time and place though we would prefer to limit the place to the greater Portland area. We welcome those in outlying areas to come join us. If you choose, bring a snack or other food item to share. This is not required, but welcome.

My vision is that our time will be spent just socializing for the first half hour of the meeting. The remaining hour will be devoted to intensive group discussion. Please note that this is not just a social group. My hope is, again, that our discussion will be personal, rather than topical. My preference will be that we try to steer clear of labels, to avoid divisive topics such as politics. This does not mean that we will not be willing to express our values and the issues they entail. Everyone must be willing, when sharing an opinion, to hear others as well. Tolerance and a non-judgmental attitude are essential characteristics of a successful group. Many of us are much more comfortable with others who are in complete agreement with our preferences. This is likely not to be the case in this group. Please make a well-thought out choice before joining us.

We do not wish to exclude anyone. However, we are not a professional group capable of providing the level of support necessary to deal with those experiencing current, ongoing severe physical trauma, abuse, chemical dependency or mental health issues.

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