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The http://www.portlandinsight.org/images/p.gif ortland http://www.portlandinsight.org/images/i.gif nsight http://www.portlandinsight.org/images/m.gif editation http://www.portlandinsight.org/images/c.gif ommunity is an experiment in American Buddhism. While we hold closely to the essential teachings of the Buddha, we are dedicated to evolving beyond the ritualism, sexism, hierarchy and other cultural artifacts that have characterized traditional religion. We welcome everyone: members of other faith traditions, male, female, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, single, partnered, all skin colors and ages.

PIMC is based upon the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha (view of facets (http://www.portlandinsight.org/EightFoldPathFlashVideo.html)). Its purpose is to improve the lives of participants, their families and the greater community through meditative practice and a lifestyle that supports liberation from suffering, the awakening of wisdom, and the manifestation of compassion.

Please join us for meditation and the life of a welcoming community.


Talk: The Buddhist View of Environmentalism (http://www.portlandinsight.org/talks/090215_BudddhistViewOfEnvironmentalism.mp3)

Video: Facets of the Eightfold Path (http://www.portlandinsight.org/EightFoldPathFlashVideo.html)

Video: Introduction to Meditation with Robert Beatty (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4550938)

Webcast: Live Webcast of Robert Beatty Sunday evening meditation class (http://www.portlandinsight.org/webcast_info.html)

Schedule: Events Page (http://www.portlandinsight.org/practice_schedule.html)

We acknowledge that the Earth and its resources are finite, are currently under duress, and that our lives are inseparably interwoven with that of all other beings (listen: Buddhist View of Environmentalism (http://www.portlandinsight.org/talks/090215_BudddhistViewOfEnvironmentalism.mp3)). We seek to understand our lives in the context of the web of life in which we co-exist, and to live respectfully and responsibly with all of that life.

Recognizing that our actions have a profound impact upon our happiness and that of others we aspire to be guided by the five ethical precepts of the Buddha (see our chant sheet pdf (http://www.portlandinsight.org/talks/pimc_chants.pdf)).

You do not have to become a 'Buddhist' to practice at PIMC. There is no dogma to believe in. Instead you will be invited to explore your own experience of life using the tools of meditation and reflection with the support of a warm and caring community.

Insight Meditation (Vipassana), has continued as a living practice for 2500 years. At its heart is the practice of mindfulness, the simple and systematic cultivation of the mind and heart. It is the non-judgmental, moment-to-moment investigation of the body, feelings, and consciousness through calm, and focused awareness. Practiced regularly, mindfulness meditation relieves stress, has beneficial effects upon the body, and promotes the healing of psychological and emotional wounds. Ultimately, meditation nurtures the development of love, compassion, and freedom from suffering.

Are you new to meditation? Click here (http://www.portlandinsight.org/NewToMeditation.html) for some ways to get started.

See the Events Page (http://www.portlandinsight.org/practice_schedule.html) for weekly and special meditation sessions.

The Portland Insight Meditation Community began in 1978 as the Portland Vipassana Sangha. Robert Beatty (http://www.robertbeatty.com/) is the founding and guiding teacher. He traces his lineage through Ruth Denison (http://www.robertbeatty.com/ruth.html) and the Burmese teacher U Ba Khin. With the assistance of Doug Pullin (http://www.douglaspullin.com/), Jim Dalton (http://www.mindfulbalancetaichi.com/), Nancy Turner and others too numerous to mention PIMC has grown into a thriving community.

PIMC has a wide range of programs that include frequent opportunities for meditation and classes, as well as informal opportunities for developing friendships with others on the spiritual path. You are invited to inquire further and to visit us at the center.

The Portland Insight Meditation Community is open to all. Those interested in mindfulness meditation are invited to visit whenever they wish. Visit our calendar for meeting times. See our Events Page for carpooling information.

The PIMC Dharma center is equipped with six headsets for the hearing impaired.

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