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Welcome! We're in such magical times and I'm so excited about the possibilities and potential that awaits us, the earth, humanity! Now is the time to clear yourself of lower energies no longer serving you and begin embodying higher vibrations of your Divine essence!

These sound healing and chakra clearing events posted here can help facilitate a greater sense of balance, alignment, harmony and well-being within your Body-Mind-Spirit. Check out our events and I hope to see you at one soon!

For those just beginning to learn about energy and/or chakras, as well as those who have been on a spiritual path for a long time, Hypno-Chakra TherapySM can be useful to assist you in connecting more fully to your Divine potential and purpose.

Hypno-Chakra TherapySM is a term coined by Nicole Alcyon and is a combination of hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and sound healing from her 12 singing crystal bowls, Paiste Gong Solfeggio Sound Pipes and Tuning forks, and other sacred healing instruments.

These are high vibrational sessions with the intention of connecting you to your Divine Self and Power, facilitating a deeper sense of communion with your Higher Self. As we realize, claim, and utilize our innate Divine Power, we take back the power we’ve given away to others and the power the world has tried to take from us, so that we may ascend to live more fully in our heart center, vibrating a higher frequency of Love and Light. This is the underlying essence I intend within my group and private sessions.

The singing crystal bowls have a deep, reverberating vibration that brings one into a meditative trance state quickly and easily. The gong has a powerfully cleansing and relaxing frequency that seems to be a favorite among attendees. The Solfeggio frequencies are said to bring deep healing and alignment to our very DNA and molecular structure.

By grounding/anchoring you within the flow of Loving, Healing Power from the Source of All That Is, powerful healing shifts and opportunities can occur, allowing your innate potential and Divinity to blossom and unfold easily and readily into your life!*

Come discover and enjoy the blissful frequencies that these sound healing meditations bestow upon us!

*Side effect from this therapy may include: greater peace, relaxation, happiness, contentment, vibrancy, flow of Love, and a sense of connection to one’s Divinity, the Earth and to the Source



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