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Creating a community of those individuals who either know, (through Myers Briggs Temperament model), that they prefer the “NF” based perspective …or… they have always sensed that they see the world in a unique intuitive feeling based way. Our intention with this group is to build a strong supportive community for those unique souls that carry the heart of the world on their shoulders. When you are an intuitive feeling based individual you may often describe yourself or circumstances in these special ways:

You have a strong desire…

To be “real” or become “real” with yourself and others.

To be what you are meant to be.

To be recognized or, at the very least, have others acknowledge that you exist.

To have integrity by being genuine and authentic.

To want to matter and make a difference.

To transmit ideas that have meaning.

To bring out the best in others and enjoy speaking about the potential of others as well as yourself.

To help inspire others in many creative ways.

To agree with others, and find conflict disagreeable and destructive.

When you walk into a room where others are meeting you commonly have several things that you instantly read: you can tell what the overall collective feeling in the room is; you quickly get a sense of who in the room is having negative/positive emotions; your own feelings are often immediately impacted negatively or positively depending on what’s happening; and, your intuition kicks up a notch to tell whether or not assistance is needed and you usually feel the need to offer that assistance to help improve the collective feeling and cooperative balance of the group.

If this feels right to you – then this group may be perfect for you. We intend to explore all realms of personal development and evolution – as this temperament is usually very interested and motivated by these subjects. Some of these subjects include: Myers Briggs temperament model, the Law of Attraction, Personal Self Value, Discovering our personal Potential, Coaching ourselves to greater heights of success in our personal lives and our careers, and, most importantly, exploring the unknown. If you desire to support, learn more, or explore the interests of this personality style…you are welcome to join us.

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Portland Community College/Sylvania

Gathering Again

Portland Community College/Sylvania

Our First '2015' Gathering

Portland Community College/Sylvania

End of the Year Gathering for 2014

Portland Community College/Sylvania

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