• HTML meets UX

    Online event

    TALK - HTML meets UX

    Imagine using only a portion of words in your language when writing a letter (yeah, I'm old!) or an email. Crazy right?!
    So why do people just use DIV all over when writing HTML? And why even care?
    We will talk about the importance of writing good and semantic HTML and how that can impact the User Experience of your products.


    Duration: 1 hour + 20 min for Q&A
    Language: English
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTTx7hzO0oQ&ab_channel=PortoUX


    ABOUT Paulo Vieira

    Paulo Vieira is a Porto native, exiled in Lisbon and working there for Critical TechWorks while dreaming about Francesinhas.
    Having worked for more than a decade in digital agencies, developing airport software and now for BMW, he enjoys crafting products used and loved by people all over the world!

  • How to write good Microcopy - Workshop

    Online event

    The words you put on the screen matter, they can make or break your product.
    Join us in this workshop to find out how to improve your product by writing in a human, clear and engaging way.

    Not only for Designers or Product Owners. This workshop is for all of you interested in improving your writing skills.
    Although this is about microcopy, you'll be able to use these tools every time you write.

    What is Microcopy
    Workshop: How to write good microcopy
    Examples of text placement and guide rules for Modal windows, Toast and Error Messages

    Duration: 1 hour + 20 min for Q&A
    Language: English
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8wT_jHestc&ab_channel=PortoUX



    Hi! I’m Inês, a Product Designer based in sunny Lisbon.

    I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012 and soon after that, I started working on digital products. I have worked in several areas, from fashion to services.

    Along the way, I found that I’m the happiest when building complex tools. I love working on intricate products and going granular into the smallest details. Currently, you can find me designing internal products for BMW.

  • Trying out ProtoPie, a new prototyping tool

    Online event

    Trying out PortoPie, a new prototyping tool.
    Design tools are constantly evolving, with new ones poping-up and old ones going out of style at an impressive rate. It can be hard to keep track of what’s with trying out, and which ones to skip. To this end, I would like to present you to a new tool that I’ve been playing around with recently, and I absolutely think is worth a try: ProtoPie.
    ProtoPie is a tool for creating high-fidelity prototypes. Feature that really make this tool unique are the ability to have several prototypes interact with each other, the ability to prototypes voice interfaces and the possibility to integrate hardware. During this session, I would like to show you the basic workflow in Protopie, as well as showcase some of it’s more advanced features so you can decide for yourself if it’s a tool worth trying for your next project.

    About Laszlo
    Hi, I’m Laszlo! I’m a designer with a strong passion for experimenting, building, hacking and testing to find practical solutions to problems, small or big. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design & Technology, I found myself working in the field of Digital Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping (super fun!). Eventually I found my way into UX/UI design by becoming the resident designer of the Innovation Lab at Zalando, a German e-commerce company. Then, I decided that Germany was too cold and moved to Lisbon, where I have happily been designing infotainment systems for BMW and MINI vehicles for about 2 years now.

  • AI&UX - How to use Artificial Intelligence to enhance human experience

    How to use Artificial Intelligence to enhance human experience - from a human-centered perspective

    Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great potential to empower us, humans, with knowledge and optimized performance. To improve the progress of AI systems, we must ensure that we design solutions that fulfill the success criteria required for a good experience.
    This session will introduce some topics related with human factors in order to guide the creation of AI systems that are adoptable, intelligible, usable, trustable and valuable.

    About Sandra
    Sandra Mouta is the Head of Training of Tangível Academy, trainer of the UX-PM international certification and integrated researcher at CINTESIS - Center for Research in Health Technologies and Services. She holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Sciences and a specialization in Human Engineering. Her research interests and professional experience are focused on the application of Human Factors knowledge and User-Centered methodologies in the development of interfaces, products and systems, especially for the domains of transportation, health and digital services.
    Author of more than 30 publications, she was researcher and consultant in different national and international projects, from academy to industrial context, in the domains of Human-Machine Interface, Usability and User Experience.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Here is the link you need to follow.
    Write your questions in the comments box, Sandra will answered it in the end.

    See you there!

  • The (im)perfect world of an UX on Agile

    Online event

    Don't miss the next exciting PortoUX webinar “The (im)perfect world of an UX on Agile”, on December 10th at 5:30 pm.

    João Rui Peixoto and Luís Ferreira, Scrum Master and UX designer at Critical TechWorks will share their experience as members of an Agile Team that works with BMW shopfloor.

    The (im)perfect world of a UX on Agile
    We will share our experience on an Agile project from the BMW shopfloor, and some stories that could help you in the future because we believe, that we only grow if we share it (and it can be a weiss beer).

    João Peixoto
    I'm João Peixoto. I used to say that I grew up in Montemor-o-Novo, I studied in Coimbra and I work in Lisbon.
    I've been working on software development since 2001. The only 2 projects I did without any defect are my 2 daughters.
    Talking about hobbies I love to run and fishing. Traveling is something that makes me feel really good.
    In a sentence: "I'm a lucky one".

    Luís Ferreira
    Hello, my name is Luís Ferreira and I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Aveiro, where I got my Design degree. After that, I went to Barcelona to embrace my first design job; there I experienced some adventures that allowed me to grow more as a person.
    After three years, I came back to Portugal, but this time to Lisbon where the sky is a different shade of blue and there is fantastic light to embrace a new professional challenge. And I lived in Porto too, where there’s something in their accent that makes the people sound authentic and raw.
    I just love traveling and meeting new people; one of my favorite hobbies is sitting in a pub and observing people, what they do, how they react. To sum up, that's also the ingredient that makes me love photography.
    Details are very important to me, that's what makes the difference in life.


    Here is the link to our YouTube channel:


    Porto Innovation Hub

    Designathon is an event that aims to bring people together. You are expected, as a group, to deliver an awesome functional prototype following Google's Design Sprint Kit guidelines. Split the 24 hours in each phase of design sprint.
    You have 2 days to have fun!

    It’s about what?
    The theme will be disclosed at the event or be announced a few days before. A rollercoaster of creativity. 48 hours to design and have fun!

    For whom?
    This event is made for Designers with a special emphasis in the User Experience, Customer Experience, User Interface, Interaction Design fields.

    How does this work?
    The designathoners just have to show up, contribute with their awesome ideas and try to get the prize at the end!

    But for that, you need to register at:


    How to create and submit a team:

    Create a team and subscribe the team that you created.
    If you were the one creating the team, you are the team leader. You should be able to see the designated page (example here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19PpWStZs7gBsvswrLREj3RFqq6iKBCZc/view?usp=sharing) to edit and manage your team, as well as the shareable link to invite team members directly (we strongly advise you to use this method). Invite team members or ask them to search for the team name.
    If you haven't invited any team members through the link, they can still find it by searching your team name when they register for the event by the exact words you used while creating it.

    More info here:

  • Porto.UX: The evilness of The Design of Everyday Things

    Critical Software SA

    Vivemos tempos em que sentimos mudanças profundas nas nossas vidas diárias. Ou, pelo menos, acreditamos nisso...
    Numa altura em que conceitos como IoT - "Internet of Things" se massificam e entram já no léxico corrente, perguntamo-nos qual a atual realidade dos dispositivos tradicionais de uso mundano? Cada vez mais conectados, compartilhando informações entre si e humanos, o que dizer da maneira como as interfaces estão a ser tratadas do ponto de vista da acessibilidade? Não estamos excessivamente deslumbrados com a tecnologia em detrimento de um design cada vez mais inclusivo, centrado no utilizador?
    Esta sessão decorre da apresentação realizada no Dia Mundial da Usabilidade denominada: "The evilness of The Design of Everyday Things” - http://wud.eventos.ccg.pt/.

    António Silva
    Licenciado em Ciência da Informação, pela Universidade do Porto.
    Colaborador da Universidade do Porto, Gabinete de Apoio ao Estudante com Necessidades Educativas Especiais, prestando apoio informático aos estudantes NEE. Consultor para as questões de acessibilidade e usabilidade. Formador e promotor do uso das TIC por pessoas com necessidades especiais.

    Bruno Giesteira
    Professor da Universidade do Porto, Departamento de Design, com os principais interesses de investigação em Ergonomia Cognitiva e Factores Humanos; UX. Investigador Sénior do INESC TEC: “Centro de Sistemas de Informação e Computação Gráfica".

  • DesignOps: Effective Design at scale

    Porto i/o Santa Catarina

    Sónia is a Product Design Team Lead at Prozis. She has been passionately designing with awesome people at awesome companies like Betfair, Blip, Tigerspike and Net-A-Porter. Currently, at Prozis, she is looking after the product design team aiming to influence and scale the design culture. She focuses on implementing and spreading a DesignOps mindset. Sónia is also trainer at Edit and mentor at The New Digital School. She is a member of the Design Leadership Forum by InVision.

    Sónia will share her perspective around the impact of a design ops when building effective and happy design team

  • World Usability Day - II part

    UPTEC: Pólo Tecnológico (UPTEC TECH)

    To celebrate the World Usability Day, PortoUX and CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica, invited Maggie Law and Beth Goldman to share with us their large experiences, designing for good and evil, in their contexts.
    Beth will be with us at UPTEC Porto and Maggie will join us remotely from San Francisco.
    At the end will be time for questions and networking.
    Let's Celebrate Usability! Join us!

    Maggie Law is Director of Product Design at Okta, and identity management company. Previously, she held lead and/or management roles at enterprise business and security companies Skyport Systems, Salesforce.com, SAP, and Peoplesoft/Oracle. At Salesforce, her UX teams were responsible for Data, Service, and Sales Cloud. Maggie also taught a graduate-level course on UX research methods at UC Berkeley's School of Information.

    Beth Goldman, Director of User Experience at Feedzai
    Beth has been making things make sense since 1998 and empowering UX teams to create frictionless experiences that drive company success. She is a highly focused strategic leader with over 20 years of experience leading, inspiring, and mentoring UX A-players, envisioning, defining, and launching strategic and innovative products, and evangelizing and embodying true user-centered design at companies like Yahoo!, Intuit, Splunk, Hyperion + Peoplesoft (now Oracle), and now Feedzai. Statistics show that 80% of her jokes get a laugh.

  • UX and Emotions

    Founders Founders

    Após tantos meses de ausência, voltamos! E não poderíamos voltar de melhor forma do que convidando o João Lima da uiux.pt.
    O João vem partilhar connosco a sua experiência enquanto UXD, em duas realidades: UX em agência VS UX em produto, do ser Humano como utilizador e das emoções como aliadas da Experiência e da Usabilidade.
    Contámos convosco para este regresso, viemos cheios de ideias e vontade de fazer acontecer.
    Até dia 6.

    João Lima
    Fundador do uiux.pt, um Blog português dedicado a Design Digital e de Interfaces Web & Mobile com o objetivo produzir matéria em língua portuguesa. Nos últimos 6 anos, João tem desenvolvido projetos digitais com forte componente de UI&UX para marcas como NOS Comunicações, Câmara Municipal do Porto, Toyota Portugal, Lexus, Hyundai, Seguros Fidelidade, OK! Teleseguros e marcas da Refriango. Leciona sobre User Experience e é um apaixonado pela cidade do Porto.