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The Greatest adventurers in times past, set their sights on a goal and took proactive steps towards it. They didn’t always make it, but what unfolded in the process became the ‘true’ adventure.

The word ‘Adventure’ stems from the word ‘aventure’ - that which happens by chance.

We believe your chance to experience the best the world has to offer begins by taking those first steps into the unknown.

Would you like to be part of a process to uncover those experiences through adventure? We aim to initiate local adventures that evolve in time, through the members of the group, to become something awesome.

Our adventures incorporate certain elements - The unknown, pushing boundaries, dealing with problems, synergy, creativity, nature.

And values - environmental care, respect, open mindedness, discipline…

Where: Anywhere locally

When: Weekly

Who: We welcome people, from all walks of life, to join us on our adventures and experience something unique. Not everybody is Indiana Jones, and they don’t have to be. We admire the hardcore explorer, but we encourage people that don’t fit the mould, together we inspire creativity for evolution.

Why: Because adventure will lead us to those things which happen by ‘chance’. The experiences, stories, relationships or business prospects that unfold in the process will be the unintended, true adventure.

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