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The Battle for a Continent? Britain and the Cold War in Africa

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After the colonial flags were lowered across Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, plenty of commentators, both Western and Soviet Bloc, debated what would happen. What would the new independent Africa look like? What would its leaders do? And how could outsiders influence this? This talk will go behind the scenes to consider a world of government in which everything was up in the air. It will focus on what part the UK, as a major ex-colonial power, played in the years after empire. This is a story of democracy and communism, of wars seen and unseen, of spies and lies, and what some viewed as a battle for the heart of an emerging continent. Talk by Dr Chris Prior, University of Southampton. £1 to attend, students free.
Training Centre, Portsmouth Academy
Access via Manor Road & then Cowper Road at the back of the school · Portsmouth, al
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Room 2 in the Training Centre at the back of Portsmouth Academy (see photo attached)

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