Past Meetup

Holidays and the Meaning of Friendships Saturday 12/22/12 4pm

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The Holidays are approaching way to fast for me and some, how ever this year its a special meaning for me and I would like to share that inner bubbly happiness I have by inviting guests with special meaning to my home for a Pre Holiday or Pre Friendship gathering, it is nice to meet new members as well as established members and enjoy the last month of 2012. The plan is very simple:

We can have a Yankee Gift swap and "PLEASE" no matter what you bring keep it simple(perhaps pretty ornament) and reasonable (under 10.00) "NO PRICE TAG ON THIS ONE " it is all in fun, to be involved in the price the actual meaning is making new friends and forming a New Beginning for the up coming year 2013 (if you do not want to bring something no problem still come).

Meet Up is my extended family and I am extending that to all of you, we are a close knit family and there for one another.

I do not have a food plan as of yet but I do know that I will do well with a turkey or two and mashed potatoes with veggies.

What I stink at are desserts so feel free to impress me and all the other wonderful folks who will be here and include it in your comment sections below, that way there will not be doubles or just plain surprise us, we don' care.

What I really could use is musically inclined folks, so if you have a guitar and like to entertain bring it on, games are also appreciated.

My house is huge plenty of parking, car pooling is always suggested.

If I left anything out send me a shout this can always be reconfigured.

Please to attend have a picture available, and you should also have been to a few of Dana's Meet Ups. Address with directions will be emailed to all RSVP"s closer to the date.