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Hi all 👋🏻

Nice meeting you here!

This is Elaine, your new organizer of this group 😊😊😊

The reason that I am now the new organizer is because

I understood that this group will be closing down soon and the former organizer didn’t have a replacement .

I received the Meetup community asking me to be the organizer in order to take over here. I don’t make a second thought but to just accept it .... as I think my motto is basically the same as this group ...

Let me introduce myself.

I am Elaine , a very positive person who came back from Vancouver. I am also now a marketing manager as well as a event organizer.

Actually I have a Meetup group now with around 2,440 (as of Mar, 2018) members and it’s call “ Hong Kong Happy Cooking+ Cocktail+ Fun Networking Parties”


This is a "Happy", "Positive" and "Fun" group of people who likes to meet new people and doing something that are interested of.

There are activities such as cooking, pets party, cocktail mixing and dessert parties. We will also have other networking parties such BBQ, Tarot card reading, hiking, dinner, movie watching, etc.

I personally is a very happy person ... I always convey positive energy to people around me and actually I think no matter you are at work , at home or with any person you are with ...... you should always bring them happiness .

I truly believe that like attracts like and that good people will attract to good things in your life 😄😄😄

To me , laughter is the best “sound/ music “ that you could be heard of among anything in this world.

I really wish that I could be seeing you all in person and hope that we could laugh together 😂😂😂😂😂

Look forward to be seeing you all soon

Love, Elaine

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