What we're about

We celebrate our capacity to give and receive love in the form of positive intentions.

• We explore better ways in which to intend.

• We intend for ourselves and others, as a group, and within the group.

• We take time out of the daily life to sit, feel positive, and intend positively for ourselves and others.

We are a mindful intentions group. We meet, greet, then set positive intentions, share success stories, and set the energy to put our intentions into motion.

Typical intentions are around wealth, abundance, physical health, mental health, family, relationships, joy, and happiness.

This is analogous to many other practices such as: positive prayer, intentional living, well-wishing, manifesting, blessing self, blessing others, and meditation.

We will explore and share the best ways to set positive intentions. How to know what you want, what to say (positively), how to feel, how to intend.

We consider this an act of love towards self and others.

We are non-religious and come from different spiritual backgrounds, we accept this diversity and enjoy sharing time intending positively for each other however ask that you must accept others "as they are" and not promote your religion during the meetings.

Intention works, regardless of spiritual practice, religious faith or lack thereof, when done correctly. Most of us humans, create negative experiences due to having negative intentions (with fear). We adhere to positively worded intentions only and reject fear and all dogma, and we intend our reality with a focus on positivity.

You can call our "intention-setting" an act of prayer, if you like; you can call it co-creation, mindfulness, magic, shamanic work, or simply "blessing".

Why in a group?

- Group work empowers the intentions!
- Group meditation is helpful.
- Wishing well and positivity to others, giving positive intentions (prayers, blessings, love) to others, increases the manifestation of positivity in your own life! (Described as: karma, like attracts like, you reap what you sow, give and you shall receive, the power of 8, the miracle club, etc.)
- Gets you good "practice".

Why intentions?

Intention is a function of our consciousness, and is a mindful act. All the esoteric, spiritual, religious, esoteric, ancient to modern, including and new age-type thinking such as theories of quantum physics, molecules of emotion, and biology of belief, have one thing in common, that has to do with intention, co-creation or manifestation. Whether you are communicating to: a god, gods, angels, the matrix, your subconscious mind, your soul, your higher self, or the universe, this reality we live in does respond to your intentions (AKA. attitudes, thoughts, mindset, words, and actions). This group is also pro "actions", actions are another form of energy, another form of intention.

We celebrate our commonality, our humanity, and our capacity to give and receive love.

Keep doing the work when you are away:

- Practice these steps when you are on your own, often, and frequently.
- Practice watching your inner and outer words, your thoughts matter just as your actions, and your unconscious mind, your body, and the universe are always listening. Thoughts and intentions are energy, energy always impacts a force or influence, by mindfully selecting and modifying your frequent thoughts you create a new reality.
- Set intentions, questions, feelings. Ask, envision, feel, see, and take action. Then, observe, wait for responses, answers, feedback. Repeat.
- Send positive intentions to other group members and loved ones, you will receive positive outcomes yourself. However, it is important to "give freely" and graciously. Give love, and you will receive love. Give a smile and you will receive a smile.
- Bring your experience and questions to the next group meeting.

Rules: Being a part of this group is a privilege, adherence to our rules is a must otherwise members will be removed, we expect everyone to be 100% respectful, 100% courteous, and respect privacy (keep all shared information private), we enforce this policy 100% of the time. You must agree to everything written above to join and remain in the group.

Meetings are in Golden Valley..

... another set of future meetings might be held north of the metro in chisago county, some day.

Contact Ethan Wise, CH, CHt, CSA with any questions: http://www.WiseMindBodyHealing.com , http://www.WiseHypnosis.com, http://WiseMindBodyTherapy.com , or via messages on meetup.

If you are ready to set aside the daily hustle, sit and spend time in positivity and setting positive intentions, Join us!!

If you have any special needs, special requests, questions, or need to speak privately with me, contact me.

See you soon

Ethan Wise

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