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12 Simple Steps to Manage Your Stress with Susanne McAllister
12 Simple Steps To Manage Your Stress with Susanne McAllister Looking for simple ways to get your stress level under control? Are you over-committed and under-nourished? Do you want to feel calmer as you move through your days? Have you ever noticed that some people appear to be calm and relaxed no matter how crazy their live may be, while others go off the rails at the drop of a hat? More than likely it’s because those that are calm have found powerful techniques to beat the stress monster before it takes them over. Do you find yourself experiencing anxiety on a regular basis or telling your friends and family how stressed you are, you are going to love this evening. If managing the multiple demands on your time and simply getting through your day has become a challenge, join us for an evening of discovery with Susanne McAllister where she will share 12 Simple Steps To Manage Your Stress. In this 90 minute workshop you’ll discover: - What stress is and how it manifests differently in each person. - The key to managing stress and how powerfully it helps your mind and body. - 12 holistic and easy to implement stress reduction tips. - The transformation that comes with implementing these tips that result in a clearer mind and body. - A detailed, “next step” plan to maintain a calm and relaxed state of mind in your every day life, (no matter how hectic it gets). Susanne McAllister is a Psychotherapist, Health and Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker and Author who works and lives between Australia and Ireland. She is passionate about helping her clients to live their absolute best life, supporting them to reclaim their energy and zest for life, optimising their health. Susanne has been published in a variety of holistic health magazines and her newest book, “Stop Chasing Shadows – With The Power of Inner Connection and Live an Abundant and Meaningful Life”, looks at ways you can improve relationships and find peace and contentment in life. In her spare time Susanne teaches Yoga and Nia (a mind, body, spirited movement) and can also be found singing her heart out, performing at Oktoberfests in Australia.

Synge and Byrne

3a Sugarhouse Quay · Newry


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This growing community is organised in Newry by Dr Patricia Mc Parland. We also have regular meetups in Belfast, Dublin and Galway.

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The intention behind this open group is to bring together people from all different backgrounds who wish to live more positive and conscious lives. We aim to create a positive antidote to the doom and gloom that seems to surround us in society at the moment and to provide a place where you can come once a month to hear some inspirational speakers, soak up some positive energy and meet uplifting people.

" wow - really great experience. Gained some good insights. Really happy fun vibe coming from the organizers. Will definitely get to more meetings — Siobhan"

Regular monthly meet ups will take place in Synge and Byrne, 3a Sugar Quay - Newry.

The meetings are open to anyone who is interested in living a more positive, conscious and inspired life and connecting with new like-minded friends.

Admission is only £10 (except for when we have a Special Event on). No booking required (except for Special Events) although you can prebook a place at the front by pre-paying via this site. Otherwise,simply turn up and pay on the door.

". ... just wanted to say this was an excellent meetup. The positive living network was really enjoyable. Thanks for making it so much fun. Also the people that came along all so nice and really happy to be there. This was my first meetup with this great group and won't be my last. See you all at the next Meetup I look forward to it. — Karen "

" Very stimulating and interesting.... — Eamonn O'Reilly"

Our various guest speakers are chosen for their enthusiasm and passion in their particular field of expertise and we try to pick speakers on subjects which have broad appeal to our members.

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