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Discussion: Is money the root of all evil?

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Our next meetup will feature a presentation by Clive Menzies, who is involved in a research/educational project called Critical Thinking, which aims to promote a wider understanding of the way we are governed, and develop alternative economic and political structures to serve society better.

While Critical Thinking's analysis overlaps in some respects with Positive Money’s, it argues that we must look beyond money creation, to the nature of money, debt and interest, and gain a better understanding of the political and economic system (the group purports that its research, conducted over the last five years, reveals evidence of a ‘Structural Elite’ controlling the levers of power). Critical Thinking also opposes handing over control of the money supply to the Bank of England, on the basis that it is one constituent of a privately owned, global banking cartel, which is colluding with others for a one world government.

Critical Thinking instead proposes that we "collaborate as humanity to co-create a non-hierarchical political economy, by-passing the current corrupt hierarchies and ideologies which have separated us from nature and each other."

The next meetup for the Positive Money Waterloo Discussion Group will take place on Monday 8th May (7:30-9:30pm).

Clearly, this month's presentation will contain some challenging views which are not fully in-line with the official Positive Money campaign message. However, we invite you to make up your own mind by listening and debating with Clive, who is an extremely well-read and articulate speaker.

Attendance is FREE, and we remain in our usual room.
Full address details:

Godly Play Room (aka Crypt Meeting Room)
St John's Church
73 Waterloo Road

The Godly Play Room is located downstairs in the Crypt area of the Church. To gain access, do not enter via the Church's main doors, instead look for the door on the left-hand side. If it is closed, please press the buzzer for the Godly Play Room.

There is no requirement to do any background reading before attending.

Look forward to seeing you there.