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What enables individuals, organizations and communities to thrive? That’s the question addressed by hundreds of studies and thousands of papers in the new field of Positive Psychology (PP), also known as the science of flourishing.

Positive Psychology is a new and rapidly growing field that demonstrates what individuals, organizations and communities need in order to flourish. Where traditional psychology focused on treating and fixing what was wrong in a person’s life, Positive Psychology equips people with skills for creating and increasing their positive emotions, life satisfaction and wellbeing. While philosophers have long investigated the nature of happiness, it was not until 1998 that scientists coalesced to explore wellbeing through systematic and multi-faceted research. However, there are few organizations training individuals in this fresh knowledge and innovative set of practices.

Who should join:

People who are passionate about building their happiness and well-being and empowering the people around them to also live happier and healthier lives.

What members can expect of the group, and what you expect of them:

Members can expect of the group that they will connect with like-minded wholehearted individuals who are curious about how the mind and body works and are committed to their personal growth. What we expect of members is that people come with open minds and open hearts.

Come learn to build what’s right in your life. Uncover the misconceptions of happiness. Learn to master your mind and body by understanding how we’re all wired. Take home proven and practical tools for supporting yourself and others whose lives you impact, by becoming authentically happier.

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How Do Change Agents Use Positive Psychology to Create Abundance & Well-Being?

How Do Change Agents Use Positive Psychology to Create Abundance, Well-Being and Community? Start a PP Based Business in 2016! Join us on Saturday, Jan 2nd from 11am - 1pm EST to discover how Change Agents Use Positive Psychology to Create Abundance, Well-Being and Community, and how to do this yourself in 2016! In this FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP you'll: Discover the 5 types of change agents and identify which type you are. Learn to use your "change agent type" to identify specific strategies for growing your work in 2016. Learn how change agents like yourself are transforming their personal and professional lives using PP. REGISTER NOW! (https://sc230.infusionsoft.com/app/form/change-agents?inf_contact_key=7a9bad41d1967a4b5550aaceb365b00bce5d072edfa1a026ef16c267088bc264) In this ONLINE workshop, you'll hear the stories and case studies of people who have transitioned into Positive Psychology based careers and learn the key tools and skills that have enabled their success. Space is limited & pre-registration is required. (If you can't make it live, register anyway and we'll send you the recording when it's available.)

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