Pay your ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT 🌻 June 2017 to June 2018 🌻 "

Every 12 months on the 2nd Friday

Price: £10.00 /per person

Needs a location


Hello everyone 😊

Your Annual Membership Fees help support admin, events and our Newsletter ( through the National Centre for High Sensitivity, here is a place to pay your annual membership fee of £10 per year :). If you have recently joined and paid a £10 joining fee in the last few months, please subtract 84p for every full month already paid for and pay what's left. Next year (2017), simply pay the full fee as per normal. To pay, simply click 'RSVP' here on this event and the site will take you through the PayPal payment process automatically. If you would like to pay by direct banking, please email Barbara for details. If you won't be subscribing to our Meetup this year from June 2017, please remove yourself from the membership list by 10th June. Don't worry, you can re-join any time :)

See below for the exceptions to needing to pay your fee this year - if you are in any of these categories, please email me so that I can update you as paid and keep you on the Membership list.

Some of you may belong to more than one of the three sites I organize, (Growing Unlimited Hampshire; Positively Sensitive Reading; National Centre for High Sensitivity) - if so, you only need to pay once - that will mean your annual membership to any of the others remains free of charge for the year.
If you voluntarily facilitate one of our NCHS Meetups.
If your financial circumstances are exceptionally dire and cannot afford the £10 annual charge, please email me and I will see what I can do - I don't want anyone to miss out if they really can't afford this, however I am guessing the fee will be affordable for the vast majority.

IMPORTANT: The cut off date for payment for current members is 10th of June 2017. After that, the next payment will be in June 2018. I do hope that you will stay with us and enjoy the events and discussions board coming up over the next few months :)

If you have any questions, please email me and I will do my best to help 😊

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