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Looking to connect with other like-spirited women? Attracted to or curious about being a little wilder, realer you? Want to live the life you want NOW?

Being WILD does not mean being reckless and not taking responsibility. Nope. On the contrary, being WILD is about being more conscious, more authentic and more courageously following your own deep inner wisdom.

Positively WILD Women is a meetup for personal development purposes.

18 months ago I moved back to Canada after 29 years living in New Zealand. I sold everything up. I left a marriage and secure life style. I bought a truck camper and for 12 months (2017 & 2018) toured from coast to coast delivering talks and workshops, sleeping in forests, Walmart parking lots, hidden places off the highway and in the driveways of wonderfully generous people.

I published my first book called: Open Me – the true story of a magical journey from fear to freedom. My second book will be published in March.

I’m a coach, a speaker and an intuitive running my business on the move. Right now I’m living in Toronto. https://leannebabcock.ca

Life doesn’t have to be about waiting for the right job, the right relationship, the kids to grow up, the mortgage to be paid off, or retirement.

I too have waited and realised, I am going to die one day and I don’t know when that day will come, just like you. When I asked myself—How do I want to live from this moment till that time?—I knew. There was nothing to wait for.

I’m interested in gathering with other women who are stepping into or who want to step into their wildness. Let’s come together and encourage each other. We’ll share our stories, ask questions of each other and request specific topics for discussion.

I am a Wildness Life Coach, Speaker, Intuitive and Author. I work with women to bring their WILDNESS into their lives.

Cost for the meeting: $10 to cover room and travel expenses

My books will also be available for purchase.
Open Me: the true story of a magical journey from fear to freedom - $25
Real & Wild You: your daring and magical inner journey - $20

Open Me is also available: https://www.amazon.ca/Open-Me-magical-journey-freedom/dp/0473390671

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Positively Wild Women, Let's meet!

1131 St Clair Ave W

Positively Wild Women, Let's meet!

1131 St Clair Ave W

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