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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Our next book will be the dystopian classic- Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Many of us read this in school years ago and we'll see how it's held up! Here’s the blurb: Widely regarded as one of the great classic examples of dystopian fiction (along with Orwell’s 1984), Brave New World is a chilling tale of a world where humanity has given up love, art, freedom, and even choice, all in the name of stability and happiness. This stability is rocked when the long-lost son of one of their highest caste is found living on a savage reservation. Devoid of the careful subliminal education that all people normally receive, the savage stands as a contradiction to everything that society values. His presence in their midst forces others to question these same values, and threatens to change their lives forever. The book is available here: Amazon- Paperback and Kindle eBook ( Chapters- Paperback ( Kobo- eBook ( Toronto Public Library- Paperback ( Toronto Public Library- eBook (

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    Do you ever fantasize about the end of the world? Well you are not alone!

    Starting out as a group of friends who realized they were interested in post-apocalyptic books, they half-joking created this group, not fully understanding the obsession that was to come.

    The group started out in London and now has over a thousand members. Due to its popularity, former London member Kate is opening up the Toronto Chapter.

    We will meet once a month to chat about a pre-set post-apocalyptic book (and the occasional dystopia), as well as organizing author events, movie nights and socials etc.

    We are also an equal opportunity group and don't discriminate against those who are into a bit of literature! So, if you fancy reading some books about the decline of society or the subsequent rebuilding of it while having a drink and a laugh then we would love to meet you.

    To catch a glimpse of what our London group is like, check out this short video made by the lovely students of Kingston University:

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