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This group is a vision unfolding and only a sketch momentarily. I definitely need help developing this idea but I think I have a solid start. The idea is this: I want to gather a group of 50 open-minded, positive, adventurous, post-graduate young adults who have been yearning to travel. I don't want to have to rely on some sort of travel agency/ organization to make this happen. All that is needed are people who are willing to help create a concrete plan, put their minds together, organize, and stick to it.

I want to create a co-ed group which is as diverse as possible within the ages of 20-29. It would be lovely to have individuals from an array of majors and nationalities come together as a post-graduate travel group.

Since only 50 members are allowed, there will be restrictions on who will be able to enter the group. Individuals will be admitted based on the preliminary questions used to assess group compatibility. The groups will be broken down into ~ 15 people based on the final travel options. Meetups at coffee shops and restaurants will take place in order to determine groups, travel plans, budgets, locations, etc.

The decision for the final three locations to travel will be based on votes. One big group gathering will be held where individuals will get to know each other. Each person will have the opportunity turn in a small paper with the location where they would like to travel. Votes will be counted and if a location chosen more than once it will be selected. The top three chosen locations will become the travel options.

I have not yet previously coordinated anything like this before so I would love help organizing. I need help with the organization of the trips, coordinating groups and meetups, finding a platform to make this a secure/safe environment, creating the preliminary questions, and creating questions to determine travel compatibility.

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