• pgDay Israel 2019

    Ha-Umanim St 12

    The event is free of charge, but in order to attend you MUST RSVP also in https://pgday.org.il ! There is also a 2-day training (13 and 14 of March). Agenda: 09:30 Gathering and Networking 10:00 Welcome Notes Michael Goldberg, Emil Shkolnik, PostgreSQL Israel Community 10:30 What's new in PostgreSQL 12 Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional, Major PostgreSQL Contributor 11:30 Tour de Data Types: VARCHAR2 or CHAR(255)? Andreas Scherbaum, Pivotal 12:30 Migration to PostgreSQL - the non technical sides (for managers) Lior Kaplan, Kaplan Open Source 13:00 Lunch break 14:00 Living in GDPR world Pavlo Golub, Cybertec 15:00 What's new in PostGIS? Darafei Praliaskouski, Kontur.io, PostGIS Committer 16:00 How to avoid problems with PostgreSQL Ivan Panchenko, Postgres Professional 17:00 PostgreSQL as a universal IoT database Vadim Yatsenko, Sergey Kim, General Electric 18:00 Event closure

  • מפגש משתמשי פוסטגרס, באירוח קפלן ייעוץ קוד פתוח

    הכניסה חופשית אך מוגבלת במספר המקומות ו*מותנית* ברישום דרך https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYaeHL8whamtZIqN1spP5aPxvvdjbTRBR_fBm7S-ZCukp5EQ/viewform מי שלא יירשם דרך הלינק לעיל ויקבל אישור, לא יוכל להשתתף!‏ עם זאת, נודה לכם אם תאשרו השתתפות גם בדף האירוע כאן.‏ 18:30 – התכנסות ומינגלינג 19:00 – דברי פתיחה / ליאור קפלן 19:15 – PostgreSQL 11.1 – Partitioning Improvements / דורון יערי 19:45 – הפסקה 20:00 – Why PostGIS? The Benefit From Storing Spatial Data In Postgres / דרור בוגין 20:30 – מקום פנוי להרצאה קצרה של 15 דקות‏ 20:45 – סיכום ותוכניות להמשך / ליאור קפלן לינק לדף האירוע המקורי:‏ https://kaplanopensource.co.il/conferences/postgresql-users/

  • pgDay Israel 2018

    Holon Institute of Technology - HIT

    • What we'll do Please RSVP here too: http://pgday.org.il/ Agenda: (more info about the lectures in the link above) 8:30 Gathering and Networking 9:00 Welcome Notes Michael Goldberg, Emil Shkolnik, PostgreSQL Israel Community 9:15 HIT President Greetings Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Holon Institute of Technology 9:30 Migrating from oracle to postgresql using Open Source tools Mariel Cherkasski, Bezeq International 10:30 Professional PostgreSQL monitoring made easy with pgwatch2 Kaarel Moppel, Cybertec 11:30 PEM as Monitor and Management for PostgreSQL Sagi Shivatski, HPE 12:30 Coffee break 13:00 Session A: Tools and extensions of PostgreSQL that you must know Head of Department and Team Leader, IDF Center of Computing and Information Systems (MAMRAM) Session B: Taking care of the elephant Michael Meskes, Credativ 14:00 Session A: PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster for Enterprise Sergey Kim, Vadim Yatsenko, Ingram Micro Cloud Session B: A Tale of Two Plugins, OR, Open Source for Fun and Profit Aharon Robbins, McAfee 15:00 Session A: How to train your Greenplum Dmitriy Pavlov, Arenadata Session B: Tutorial: Using JSON in PostgreSQL application programming Ivan Panchenko, Postgres Professional 16:00 NoSQL Postgres Roadmap Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional 17:00 Event closure Changes could be applied to the event program • What to bring • Important to know

  • Open Source Hack Night

    Big Panda office

    (please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Open-Source-and-Free-Software-in-Israel/events/242193436/ ) Join us in our bi-weekly meetup to contribute back to your favorite open source project, and meet the local open source community. Not sure what you want to contribute to? We'd be happy to help you find a project and get started. This meeting is also part of the global 24 Pull Requests initiative. (https://24pullrequests.com) New comers to open source are welcome - this is a great opportunity to learn more about open source, network with experienced developers, and take your first steps in the open source world. Contributions can take many forms: • Development of new or existing projects • Bug reporting, testing and triage • Documentation • UX/UI design and graphic work • Translation and localization • And much more! Be sure to bring your own laptop. If you have a project you plan to work on, please mention it in the comments and perhaps you will find partners to join you. If you're interested in Scala or node.js - the BigPanda team will be working on open-sourcing a few internal libraries that are heavily used. They will also be happy to help you make open-source contributions to Scala libraries: functional programming libraries such as Cats (https://github.com/typelevel/cats) or Scalaz (https://github.com/scalaz/scalaz); projects such as ENSIME (https://github.com/ensime/ensime-server) and any other project you can think of! Thanks to Big Panda (https://bigpanda.io/) for hosting us and providing refreshments! This is only a re-publish of an associated group, please RSVP there: https://www.meetup.com/Open-Source-and-Free-Software-in-Israel/events/242193436/

  • Open-Source Projects from Israel, Based on PostgreSQL

    Agenda (all the lectures - in Hebrew): • 17:45-18:00: Meet & Greet • 18:00-18:10: Introduction • 18:10-18:55: Npgsql - open source .NET support for PostgreSQL, by Shay Rojansky • 18:55-19:05: YOUR chance to share important things with the audience, like "looking for a PG expert", or announcement of a RELATED event; each speaker is limited to 2 minutes. • 19:05-19:20: Break ("DELETE * FROM google.refreshments"). • 19:20-20:10: DaTableSQL - Lecture and Live Coding by Eli Marmor • 20:10-20:15: RAFFLE of 2 JetBrains licenses (and maybe more prizes, if we get them on time) Npgsql: After some introductory comments, the .NET open-source driver for PostgreSQL, Npgsql, will be introduced. We will focus on features that are mostly unique to Npgsql, or are made possible by .NET specifically. This part will include comparisons with drivers in other languages/environments. Next, Microsoft's new O/RM - Entity Framework Core - will be presented along with its PostgreSQL support, with an emphasis on exposing PostgreSQL-specific features. Finally and as time allows, some of the challenges of developing a PostgreSQL driver will be discussed (e.g. the frontend/backend protocol). http://www.npgsql.org (http://www.npgsql.org/) DaTableSQL: An ultra thin transparent layer over PostgreSQL that doubles its functionality; instead of 4 main actions (CRUD) on 1 type of element (DATA), it enables more actions, and on many other element types of the app (schemas, users, views (of the app), code, etc.). It makes PostgreSQL’s tables 3D tables, by adding the time dimension (“temporality”), in order to support features like “travel in time” and check “who changed what and when”, out of the box, with no need for anything in the app level. When it’s usable (hopefully in February), it will allow the development of much easier yet powerful full-stack frameworks. https://github.com/marmor/datable.sql

  • August Penguin Conference 2016

    Ben-Gurion Univ.

    הבהרה: האירוע לא מלא, ואתם מוזמנים להירשם!‏ עם זאת, יש להירשם רק דרך אתר הכנס (לינק למטה) The annual conference of our parent-group, "HaMakor". Everything about Open-Source, Linux, GNU, MEAN, etc. I'm the only one to speak about PostgreSQL, but there are going to be cool and recommended lectures, in two tracks, so everybody will find interesting talks for himself. Please register ONLY by this link: http://ap.hamakor.org.il/2016/ See you there!

  • 1st Meetup of PostgreSQL Israel! This time with Dr. Reuven Lerner! (in Hebrew)

    Agenda: • 18:15 - 18:30: Gathering and mingling • 18:30 - 18:45: Openings: Eli Marmor (Netmask), and Shimon Tolts (our generous host, ironSource) • 18:45 - 19:30: Introduction to PostgreSQL: Dr. Reuven Lerner • 19:30 - 19:45: Mingling, refreshments, etc. • 19:45 - 20:30: PostgreSQL, your NoSQL Database: Dr. Reuven Lerner Note: Although half of the meetup is going to cover the basics of PostgreSQL, we want everybody to come, including "gurus", because of the following reasons: • The 2nd lecture • This is our 1st meetup! • The mingling • With Reuven, you can never know what you will learn, even if it's an Intro lecture... PostgreSQL, your NoSQL Database: For nearly 20 years, PostgreSQL has had a reputation as a rock-solid, open-source, relational database. Many companies around the world have turned to it when they want to store and retrieve data using the relational model. In recent years, with the growth of NoSQL databases, some people have wondered whether PostgreSQL is really an appropriate tool for modern times and needs. The answer is "yes" -- not only because PostgreSQL's relational capabilities continue to grow and improve, but also because it now offers many NoSQL-style functions. In this talk, this functionality will be demonstrated, to show that PostgreSQL is often a better choice for your applications than many strictly NoSQL solutions. About Dr. Reuven M. Lerner: Reuven Lerner is a freelance Web developer, consultant, and trainer, specializing in open-source technologies. He created one of the first 100 Web sites in the world, writes Linux Journal’s monthly Web developer column, is a panelist on the weekly Freelancers Show podcast, and recently published his new ebook, "Practice Makes Python." Reuven has a PhD in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, where he created and researched online collaborative communities. About the Host, ironSource: ironSource, a company located in Tel-Aviv, is a world leading platform for software discovery, distribution and delivery across platforms and devices. I want to thank ironSource for hosting us, and wish that this meetup will be helpful for ironSource too, either by reaching great candidates for jobs, or by interesting us in the useful services and products of ironSource.