What we're about

Do you love the idea of improving the world through art? Lets make and craft spaces together based on posthumanist philosophy, contemporary installation, and up cycling.
Posthumanism, in this context, means stepping beyond the notion that man is the measure of all things and realizing we can be powerful allies to our environment and the species we share this planet with. It means creating with the idea that there are more important things on the planet than just our nuclear situations. We become artist interested in cleaning up the world starting with being sustainable, up-cycling, and creating with what is already in the space.

The following meetups will be arranged:

- An article and book club: for anyone interested in sharing and learning more about various topics concerning post humanist philosophy and the subaltern studies

- Arts and up cycling sessions: for anyone wanting to just create using found items and other items of choice as medium

- Get togethers of us just talking and sharing ideas freely and openly: lets share tea or other drinks and snacks and talk and create

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Posthumanist Meet and Make

2323 Broadway

Let's Meet! Posthumanist and the upcycle

2323 Broadway

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