• LET'S PUT THE FUN IN FUNNEL: A live podcast recording with food and friends

    All of us who work and lead in digital are responsible for changing user behavior, whether we're trying to get people to buy our products, getting them to subscribe to our newspaper, or convincing them to vote or donate to a cause. There are a lot of tools and approaches out there. In a live "taping" of Track Changes, our frequently-award-nominated podcast, we'll share the best things we've learned about getting people to come into the marketing funnel, and how designers, engineers, product managers—and leaders too—can learn to think funnel-first. It’ll be an entertaining get-together at Postlight’s HQ just north of Union Square. We’ll have food, drink and a great conversation.

  • Machine Learning is Coming For You


    Giant companies are eating the world with machine learning. What do the rest of us need to know to survive? Join us for a free-wheeling conversation about machine learning, product and how artificial intelligence works in the real world. Listen, learn, ask questions, and strategize what you will do when robot overlords take control of the world. Doors open at 6:30 and event starts at 7. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Featuring: EDD WILDER-JAMES — a strategist at Google, where he is helping build a strong and vital open source community around TensorFlow. ETHAN ROSENTHAL — a data scientist at Dia&Co in New York City. PAUL FORD — the CEO of Postlight and a writer, product strategist, educator, programmer, and software consultant. RICH ZIADE — a noted leader in the New York City technology community and a globally-recognized product leader.

  • SHIP IT! The New Card Game of Product Management

    We love products, and the process of making them. We love it so much, in fact, we made a game about it! Join us for the release of "SHIP IT! The Game of Product Management," and try playing it for yourself. Because shipping product is hard, but it should still be fun. With this game, we've done our best to simulate the highs, the lows, the triumphs, and the heartbreaks of creating products. Each scenario is based on a real thing that happened to someone here at Postlight (or sometimes, a thing we desperately wished would happen). We'll start the evening with some storytelling from our co-founders Paul Ford and Rich Ziade, who will talk us through some of these nightmare scenarios and what we learned from them. Then, we'll hand out card decks and give you a chance to be the first to SHIP IT! and win.

  • Blockchain + Media: What the hell?


    Maybe the blockchain is what we need to save the media! Maybe it will kill the media and we can all get some rest. Whatever, we need to discuss it. IMMEDIATELY. That’s why Postlight, a blockchain-neutral software development firm, is bringing together blockchain experts who see a bold future for cryptocurrency in the media. Can readers, publishers, and content creators live together in benevolent crypto-harmony—safe from corporate cutbacks, the predations of the ad machine, and the whims of thin-skinned billionaires? Join us, and figure out what’s actually going on. On the panel: MARIA BUSTILLOS is editor in chief and co-founder of Popula, a news and culture magazine coming in Spring 2018 to the new Ethereum-based Civil publishing platform. She is a journalist and critic whose work has appeared in Harper's, the New Yorker, The Awl, the New York Times, the Paris Review, the Times Literary Supplement and elsewhere. She lives in Los Angeles. BRADY DALE covers initial coin offerings for CoinDesk, where he's been a staff reporter since October. As the token craze gathered steam, he wrote a useful story about the Useless Ethereum Token. Dale began as a reporter freelancing for sites like Next City, Fortune and Technically Brooklyn, always with a focus on technology and communities. He grew up in Kansas and lives in Brooklyn, with several other states in between. His Twitter (@BradyDale) is pretty okay. SLAVA BALASANOV is a technologist, entrepreneur and founder of Relevant — a blockchain-based news sharing platform that values quality over clicks. In 2014 Slava co-founded 4Real, a digital agency and art collective whose clients include Google, Comcast, Clinton Foundation and artists like Mickalene Thomas and Dis Collective. Slava was born in Moscow and currently lives in New York.

  • Join Us As We Discuss Programming and the Ethical Life With Ellen Ullman

    There is no finer observer of technology’s effect on culture than Ellen Ullman, a career software engineer who is also one of America’s finest essayists. Long before the world gave us Facebook and Twitter, Ullman was writing about how the process of making software changes people—and about how software changes us, too. Each of her books—from Close to the Machine (https://us.macmillan.com/closetothemachine/ellenullman/9781250002488/) through The Bug (https://us.macmillan.com/thebug/ellenullman/9781250002495/) —has been an all-too-rare opportunity to discuss how technology is changing the paths of culture. This is no less true with her latest book, Life in Code (https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374534516). Fittingly, conversation will be held in the spacious assembly area of a real, live NYC software company, Postlight (https://postlight.com/). Ullman will speak with two other author-programmers, Postlight Partner and Engineer Gina Trapani (https://ginatrapani.org/) (founder of Lifehacker (https://lifehacker.com/)) and Postlight Engineer Drew Bell (https://trackchanges.postlight.com/@droob) (regular contributor to Track Changes (https://trackchanges.postlight.com/)), for a lively conversation about how a life lived in code shapes the coder—and what needs to change in a world dominated by technology. If you’re someone who works in software and possess ethical curiosity, if you believe that your work matters beyond simply the latest status updates and release notes, and if you seek an ethical life as a programmer, you should attend this event. Otherwise you can stay home and read Hacker News.

  • Join Us As We Discuss Building Better Digital Citizens with Obama Foundation

    It’s 2017. The future of civic tech is local. So we’re going to get into a room with leaders of the NYC civic tech scene—people like you!—and talk about that. One big question is: How can we build digital products for people who want to make a difference? Where are we, and what should we build now? The Obama Foundation will be there too, because they are building their own plan to empower digital citizens, and they want to hear from everyone. Come, tell us what you know and participate in an open discussion on how technology can empower people to be better, more invested, more committed digital citizens. Plus food, drink, and just general kindness.

  • Changing the #channel. Making sense of work in a Slackified world.

    Changing the #channel. Making sense of work in a Slackified world. Slack runs modern business. Is this always a good thing? It’s a default tool for software development, media, and even construction. At Postlight, we live our professional lives—and our personal lives!—on Slack. And whenever something becomes this powerful, and this integrated into our way of work, we think it’s important to take notice and talk about it. On Wednesday, July 26th, at 6:30 PM, we’re holding a roundtable discussion about building things inside of Slack, going beyond bots. We’ll talk for a half-hour or so and then open the discussion to everyone in the room. What should we do about, with, and on top of Slack? Is the Slackification of our working life to be welcomed or resisted?! On the panel: Tara Jane Feener (http://tarajane.me/): Web Engineer at FiftyThree (https://www.fiftythree.com/), led the development of their product Paste: a new class of productivity tool designed for messaging, bringing visual collaboration to Slack. Nam Nguyen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/namslam/): GM at GIPHY (https://giphy.com/) overseeing the company's growth and success on getting people ALL THE GIFs! Greg Leuch (https://www.linkedin.com/in/gleuch/): Head of Product and R&D at Poncho (https://poncho.is/) where he is responsible for teaching Poncho many tricks to become one of the best-known conversational chat bots. With moderator Isaiah Green (https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaiahgreene/): Product Manager on Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence (SLI) team, where he focuses on building an intelligent layer on top of Slack (https://slack.com/) to make life simpler, more pleasant and more productive for its users. ALL ARE WELCOME

  • Bloomberg × Postlight


    We’re launching a new product. Join us as we celebrate the release of a new tool—one that brings the raw power of Bloomberg’s data and news to any story, anywhere. Then stay for drinks and a free-wheeling discussion of how media and technology can work together to make humans smarter.

  • Spend an evening with best-selling author Kim Stanley Robinson

    Come spend an evening with New York Times best-selling author Kim Stanley Robinson and Postlight co-founder Paul Ford as they discuss Robinson’s huge, amazing new book, NEW YORK 2140. Kim Stanley Robinson’s vision of New York City in 2140 is like Venice on speed. The city is literally underwater (well, south of midtown). Commuters travel by boat. But it’s still NYC, complete with street urchins, big finance, and beat cops. New York 2140 is a towering novel about a genuinely grave threat to civilisation. Impressively ambitious, it bears comparison with other visionaries’ attempts to squeeze the sprawl and energy of the US between two covers: John Dos Passos’s USA trilogy and Don DeLillo’s Underworld. — Adam Roberts, The Guardian About Kim Stanley Robison: Kim Stanley Robinson is a New York Times bestseller and winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the bestselling "Mars" trilogy and the critically acclaimed "Forty Signs of Rain", and "The Years of Rice and Salt", as well as "2312". In 2008, he was named a "Hero of the Environment" by Time magazine, and he works with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute. He lives in Davis, California.

  • Lara Hogan Demystifies Public Speaking


    Come meet Lara Hogan! Lara will visit Postlight on January 18th to talk about her new book, Demystifying Public Speaking (https://abookapart.com/products/demystifying-public-speaking). Communications coach Bill Smartt will interview Lara about identifying your fears so you can face them, and how to bravely step out in front of the crowd. About Lara (http://larahogan.me/) Lara Hogan is an Engineering Director at Etsy, and author of Designing for Performance (http://designingforperformance.com/) and Building a Device Lab (http://buildingadevicelab.com/). She champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, striking a balance between aesthetics and speed. Lara has presented at Google I/O, keynoted the Velocity Conference, and given talks at companies like The New York Times to help shift them toward a culture of performance. Demystifying Public Speaking is Lara’s newest book, published by A Book Apart. The book tackles pre-speech nerves, holding your audience’s attention, crafting content that is accessible and inclusive—and of course, the importance of donuts. About Bill (http://www.smartttalk.com/) Bill Smartt is a communications coach who has helped countless professionals in every industry learn how to approach the podium with confidence, authenticity, and peace of mind. As the founder of Smartt Talk (http://www.smartttalk.com/), Bill's clients include American Express, CNN, Credit Suisse, Facebook, Harvard Business School, Mailchimp, Spotify, and the United Nations.