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Hello! I just moved to MD and would like to start DMing a new D&D group in North Potomac (Darnestown & Shady Grove), near UMD Shady Grove. I'm seeking 4-6 players who are up for doing a regular Saturday Night session, 7 - 10pm.

If you think you can be a regular, I'd love to have you! If you can't make it every weekend, but you can every other weekend, we can work something out and weave it into the story. But in general, I'd like to get a group of weekly regulars.

No experience necessary! If you're new to D&D, I'm happy to teach. The learning curve is actually pretty low now with 5th edition. I'm also not a rule stickler.

Where we'd play: I have a finished basement, so we can play at my house without having to be someplace public and noisy.

When: Saturday's at 7pm.

Players sought: Looking for players who are more on the casual side and aren't married to the rules as they are printed. As a published game designer, I tend to craft a lot of homebrew stuff. Expect the unexpected.

DMing style: I might run some standard campaigns, but I tend to make very player-centric, personalized campaigns. I'm a big fan of players having NPC arch-rivals, adventures that fulfill personal goals, giving hidden information, giving players the same piece of information from different perspectives, having secret agendas, and more. I'll often have a custom campaign created for each player, so their life tells an overarching story as they level from 1 to 20.

Leveling and XP: I vary from standard by giving XP to the party, whether they are at the table or not. So if you miss a night, you'll still stay at level with the party. However, you won't collect any new loot and your personal storyline won't really go anywhere.

Death and Characters: After a few levels I may ask that everyone roll an alt. character. I'll then weave them into the storyline as a "guest star" NPC every once in a while. When appropriate, I allow players to switch characters. So if you're getting tired of playing your main character, you can switch to your alt for a few sessions. Since XP is party based, your main and alt level equally. It also means death is on the table. Though I tend not to kill characters. When critically hit from a lucky goblin's arrow, it's far more interesting to make someone lose an eye permanently and go on a quest to replace it than to kill them off.

Misc Stuff: If there's ever a night where we don't have a full party, we'll either run a side adventure or switch to board gaming.

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