Past Meetup

Chris Stuart's Old Time Slow Jam


Come and learn to play old-time

tunes at a slow, easy pace

Slow Jam 2:30pm to 4pm

Doors open at 2pm - $5

"Old-Time Music is both a traditional music steeped in the British/Celtic/African sounds of Appalachia, and a vibrant, contemporary one that is always changing. It's more of a tune-based music than bluegrass, so we'll concentrate on learning the melodies slowly by ear and play them over and over, giving you time to find the melody on your instrument as well as learn the chord-changes and rhythm. All acoustic instruments and learning levels are welcome!"

-- Chris Stuart

Though this music is old as the hills, it's vibrant energy and rhythmic drive inspires musicians, dancers, & listeners of all ages and walks of life. Many will agree that this music is best enjoyed via participation, and old-time musicians love to share.

Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley will lead this jam for beginning and intermediate musicians on the second Sunday of the month.

Each month, we'll learn a new song by ear and play slowly enough where you can start picking out the melody on your instrument and learn to play in time with others.

Here are a few of the songs we'll be playing:

Angelina Baker - D

Big Sciota - G

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine - D

Bonaparte's Retreat - D

Cluck Old Hen - A

Cuffy - G

Johnny Don't Get Drunk - D

Julianne Johnson - D

June Apple - A

Liberty - D

Midnight On The Water - D

Nail That Catfish To A Tree - G

Old Joe Clark - A

Old Molly Hare - D

Red Haired Boy - A

Sandy Boys - A

Sandy River Belle - G

Soldier's Joy - D

Sugar Hill - D

St. Anne's Reel - D

All acoustic instruments are welcome!

All ages welcome.

Bring your friends and family.

For further details email Chris Stuart:

chris @

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Examples of Old Time music:

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