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Are you a couple that’s feels like your awesome and fun to be around and just wish you could meet other equally as awesome and cool couples, to build friendships with, network with, go on trips, do couples activities, or just be able to receive solid unbiased advice when your in need from other positives couples that can relate to the type committed space your in.

Well this is the group for you, the organizers of this group my husband and I, just wanted to create a group for other New Yorker’s who are just looking for other couples in the area, who love being in love, who value relationships, who are fun and love to enjoy life.
This is a group for young, hardworking, driven couples ages 26-40, who just want to reach the next level of success and happiness with their partner.

Does this sound like you?
Let’s make being a couple cool again.

Feel free to messages us anytime, if you just want to chat, meet up, or in the need of advice.
We are so excited and look forward to meeting or chatting with new couples.

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