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Learn Tae kwon do Martial Arts for beginners!!
Tae kwon do of San diego “Welcome to the Place Where Knowledge Truly Begins!” You have become a person that is taking charge of your life. To make your life better is something only you can do. You have taken the very first step! The students, instructors and I welcome you as a new member of the school. This is your school. Take pride in your school. Take pride in yourself. Use each day as an opportunity to become better than you were the day before. It is not important to be the best or to be better than anyone else. What is important, however, is that everyday you become better and better. By making this decision, you have already improved yourself. You are now on your way to earning your black belt. This Student Manual contains pertinent information that will help you practice each belt’s requirements to prepare you for your promotion to the next belt level. This manual will also serve as a guide to assist you in moving up through the ranks. It will make attaining your black belt more than just a far-fetched dream. Your manual will contain specific requirements for your white belt training. It will then continue on with information about the next belt level after you have successfully passed each test. Your manual will also serve as an organizer to keep track of your development and remind you of your accomplishments as you move to the next belt. Test forms, school rules, proper school etiquette and other relevant documents are also included in your manual. Attaining your black belt is something that you can do! We will provide the education. You must provide the dedication and perseverance. You have made the decision to enroll. Now, make the decision to show up every day and put forth your best effort. Welcome to Han’s Dragon Martial Arts! We’ll see you in class. Sincerely, Grand Master Sang P. Han

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Tae Kwon-Do is the art of self-defense and combat skills, but also promotes discipline, control, tolerance and respect for others. We are happy that you have taken the time to consider us for your Martial Arts Training to Learn Taekwondo, and super power kicking .

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