What we're about

If you're into green-tech and alternative energy, AND a practical maker, engineer, coder, green tech guru, fabricator, or so inclined, this Meetup may be for you. This is going to be a hands-on practical group for creating and implementing innovative, (comparatively) low-cost, solutions in our own homes. Our goal is to provide grass roots leadership in this technology space, reduce our own dependence on grid level services, build resiliency in our homes during disruptions. We'll open source our designs, putting Providence on the map as a player in this growth category. Who's in?

Our goal is to reduce the time, personal energy and money required to create our solutions by pooling our resources across the necessary research, design, fabrication and installation activities. Welders may not know electronics. Embedded device gurus may not know mechanical design, etc. Let's each focus on our core skills, with plenty of opportunity to learn from one another.

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Design Week's Pecha Kucha

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Kick off!

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