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As we age, our bodies change, and everything from the past seems to hit us. Have you been struggling with weight gain? Menopausal symptoms? ManOpause symptoms? (yes guys you also go through this fun stuff...not sometimes!) Loss of Motivation? Do you find yourself with High Blood Pressure, Taking more prescription drugs....

Well you're not alone...No matter your age, young or older, it is never to early or to start taking care of you body. For me, I have been struggling the last few years, and think that I have finally turned the corner. The weight is finally coming off, I would like to support others, and also receive support during this time. I'm thinking that this group can meet monthly, bi-monthly. We will have, motivational discussions, education discussions on various topics. My background is diverse, I'm an R.N., Health Coach, Aesthetically trained, Culinary Chef that specializes in healthy foods and reversal of disease. I would love to share what I have learned, group discussion at no charge, as I want to also receive the support. This will be a fun upbeat, and educational. I have the place and I also have other services that are available that would be charged if you would want to take part if not that is OK, this is not the primary focus. It's about meeting other friends, to support each other, as we transition through this time of our lives, moving forward in a healthy way. The event dates, and topics will vary from event to event.

Some of the topics that we will discuss:

Ditch the Cravings, Pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, A1C (what's it all about) , Estrogen Dominance, Burnout and how it effects our body, Easy Healthy Culinary Dishes, Grocery Store Tours,Stocking your Pantry, Gluten Intolerance, Hormone Imbalance how to deal with naturally, Silent Inflammation....(you name the topic, we will get you the information) What is a plant based diet? How can it help, if you eat meat or not, various health speakers from personal trainers, to fitness instructors, motivational coaching...

Other programs we offer which are paid, Reversal of Pre-diabetes & Insulin Resistance-Coaching, Cardiovascular Disease Reversal through Diet. Both Dr Tom and I have have studied this area, living the vegan lifestyle, how to get there...Burnout Programs, which are designed specifically for our clients..

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