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A few years ago, an Anxious Ashley declared, "When I overcome Social Anxiety, I will help other people do the same."

I created this group to fulfil that promise.

While My journey has led Me to focusing on healing Men, My partner holds the space for Women (find Her retreats for Goddesses here) (http://www.AshNIA.co.uk).

I now show Men My journey and process, through Shamanic Workshops. I encourage You to experiment with the techniques and teachings to find Your own path. We do this in a Brotherhood; where each Man is seen and heard, welcomed and supported.

The result is a conscious understanding of who You are, where Your anxiety comes from, how to step into Peaceful Masculinity, Loving Power and become the Confident Creator of life You really are.

The workshops are hands on, You will be practicing in real life, in a comfortable environment creating the experience of confidence for Yourself.

We will also have a Brotherhood group forum for sharing and asking questions.

My hope is that You find Your inner Peace, Power & Confidence.


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5 ElementDANCE with Cacao Ceremony

St Lukes Church Centre

Welcome to the Launch of 5 Element Dance & Cacao Ceremony http://www.EcstaticDanceNorwich.co.uk --- Limited Tickets Available for the Launch --- http://buytickets.at/5elementdance/246231/r/meetup How will this help Social Anxiety? I used a number of tools to help Me overcome and heal anxiety: - Mediation to help retrain My focus from damaging thoughts, to thoughts that inspire Me. - Stepping out of My Comfort Zone to help Me grow and move forward. - Safe environment, with people that I know are loving and accepting of what ever I was going through. - Expression, learning to express My self while being completely immersed in My own world (Dancing blindfolded). - Understanding 'Energy' and how this relates to the Elements (this is life changing) - (imagine feeling incredibly powerful and able to do anything, that's the 'energy' We are tapping into) - Connection, We need to feel connection to other people who are like Us - the environment created and people who come to this Sacred Ceremony and Dance feel that Oneness. Why Dance & Cacao Ceremony? The Cacao Ceremony is a heart opening experience. Drinking RAW Ceremonial Cacao opens the heart and guides Us into a warm loving space. It is extremely powerful and good for You. While mindfully sipping Cacao, We invite in an intention & prayer, something We wish for or something We want to step into and with each sip We invite it to become part of Us. Gathered in circle, We see each other as equals, setting up a safe space to move into Dance. We dance in an exploration of freedom and movement. Shaking free of the mind and connecting to Our body, exploring how Your body wants to move with the beat and what feels good to You. The music moves through a wave of the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each element has it's own energy, its own feeling or flavour and when You allow the energy of that element to move through Your dance it is aligning You with the energy that it reflects in life; Earth is grounded & stable, You can stomp and let go, it is strong and nourishing; Water flows and spirals effortlessly; Fire is intense, high-energy action and motivation; the Air is gentle and playful and, reminding Us to be still, grateful and in Our hearts; and Ether is all things, it is the unseen, presence, connection to Source and Spirit moving You. Each of these elements is important in life. Need motivation? You'll need to be grounded (Earth), able to flow (Water) and in Your action (Fire). Need to experience more peace and calmness, Air and Ether will show & provide that for You. Confidence? You'll need to feel strong, safe and stable (Earth), able to flow and adapt (Water), be able to take action and follow Your passion (Fire), surrender, be still and appreciate what You have achieved (Air), be connected to Your Spirit, who You are and Loving Yourself (Ether). When We activate all Five Elements in an expression of Ourselves and are able to be with all Five Energies at once, We are in alignment. This alignment means You feel strong, stable, safe, able to adapt and be in flow with passion, intensity, motivation and high-energy while able to be in peace, gratitude and love and connected to Yourself, Others and the Higher-self, Source and Spirit. Come and join Us for this powerful and fun freeform dance with cacao. Who Am I? I am a facilitator of change. I care deeply about creating a safe space that nurtures growth and deep inner transformation while being in a loving, playful environment where You can be free to reveal Your true essence and SHINE. Through this Meetup event page, receive a special launch only offer: Launch Tickets £15 (Usual price £20) GET YOUR TICKET Welcome to the Launch of 5 Element Dance & Cacao Ceremony --- Limited Tickets Available for the Launch --- http://buytickets.at/5elementdance/246231/r/meetup Exchange for ticket possible. I'm especially looking for: - Photographer / Videographer - Promoter - Volunteer

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