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You've heard of Toastmasters? This is Toastmasters++.

In today's world it's rare to be asked to just give a speech. There is almost always a presentation involved. Unfortunately most presentations are BORING!

Whether you're speaking to thousands of people at a conference, making a pitch to the board of directors or hosting a webinar, you will be 10 times more effective if you ignite ALL the senses of your audience.

Each meetup will feature one to three presentations for critique (one hour total). Attendees will help presenters figure out the words, imagery and flow that make a presentation sizzle and leave the audience begging for more.

This group is ideal for:
* Entrepreneurs trying to raise money
* Scientists communicating complex ideas
* Salespeople trying to close deals
* Activists trying to enroll people in your vision
* Marketing professionals hosting webinars
* Business development people trying to recruit partners

...and many, many more. If you have an idea to communicate, you need a presentation to tell your story.

Come one, come all. Let's Make PowerPoint Great Again!

PS You don't have to use PowerPoint. Keynote, Google Slides or any other presentation tool are welcome.

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