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SoftwareMill kończy 10 lat!
Z tej okazji podróżują po Polsce głosząc dobre tematy i 29 października przyjadą do nas do Poznania!
Spotkanie odbędzie się w przestrzeni Plus Jeden (ul. za Bramką 1), startujemy o 18:00 z następującymi prezentacjami:

* Magda Stożek - Property-based testing - let your testing library work for you

Abstract: Don’t ask what you can do for your testing library, ask what it can do for you! So what can it do? It turns out that much more than displaying a nice green and red report. What if we make the library generate the test data? And while we’re at it, maybe it could also think of the edge cases for which our code is wrong? Oh, and when it finds them, it should simplify them a bit before returning to us, so that we can quickly identify the root cause of the problem. And repeat that a thousand times, just to be sure. Sounds good? That’s exactly what property-based testing has to offer. I’ll show how to get started with this kind of testing, using jqwik ( as an example. But isn’t it all too good to be true, surely there’s some fine print? Of course, there is. I’ll cover that as well.

Bio: Software developer at SoftwareMill devoted to doing things ‘the right way’. After hours, leader of Zielona Góra JUG and co-organiser of the Greenfield Conference. After even more hours, she enjoys biking, tap dancing and reading long books.

* Tomasz "szimano" Szymański - Senior Software Engineer afterlife - what sort of a career for a programmer

Abstract: Are you a student wondering how to shape your career?
Are you a programmer who would like to be promoted?
Are you an ultra-architect and you feel that you have reached the ceiling?
What can someone who is already a Senior do on the market? How do large corporations deal with the problem of development and promotion, and how do small software houses deal with it? What options do we have at all? Are we able to compete at strictly technical positions with the Young Ambitious Team ;-)?
What do we need to gain on the way to be attractive on the labor market? How do you get that thing?
Everything is adorned with a totally biased, subjective assessment of my own. From the point of view of a guy who has been coding for the last 14 years to become ... someone else (you'll find out at the presentation).
Oh - and this won't just be an ex-cathedra lecture - I will make you discuss with me.

Bio: Founder and CEO of SoftwareMill. Software Developer with over 14 years of experience in commercial software development. Enthusiast of innovative technologies and management solutions. He’s been an active Blockchain programmer for 3 years. He co-engineered one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe. He built a 100% remote company when everyone was sceptic about dispersed teams. He introduced the rules of a teal organization before Frederica Laloux coined the term. Currently, he’s working on solutions that are said to be too challenging for blockchain applications.

Prezentacje prowadzone będą w języku POLSKIM.
W trakcie spotkania nie zabraknie pizzy i napojów ;-)

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