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This Meetup group is meant for spiritual seekers, yogis and souls that aspire to know themselves....

The Prabhuji Ashram (http://prabhujiashram.com/), founded by H.H. Avadhūta Bhaktivedanta Yogacharya Śrī Ramakrishnananda Bābājī Mahārāja (Prabhuji), arranges and provides meetings, Satsangs, Retreats and lectures with Prabhuji as well Classical Hatha Yoga classes and courses. The Ashram is also providing the opportunity for longer stays in the spiritual presence of prabhuji; an outstanding environment for meditation, contemplation and rapid spiritual development.

The Ashram is also home to the Prabhuji Hatha Yoga Academy, which was founded by Prabhuji in order to research and offer to the public deep studies of classical Hatha Yoga according to His teachings.

Prabhuji is a writer, a painter, and a mystic, whom many consider to be an enlightened spiritual master. He is a recognized authority on Eastern wisdom and on the Vaidika and Tāntrika aspects of Hinduism. He is an internationally acclaimed master acharya of hatha yoga. He is also erudite in all branches of yoga (karma, bhakti, hatha, raja, kundalini, mantra, and jnana) and has a deep knowledge of many religions and spiritual paths (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, etc.).

You can learn more about Prabhuji , read from his writings and listen to his lectures in his website: prabhuji.net (http://prabhuji.net/)

We are looking forward to see you in the meetings.

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