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This Meetup is for coaches who want to learn and discuss various tools, approaches, and theories, and how to actually apply them in their coaching. We are all in this together trying to bring coaching to the world, and all ships will rise with the tide if we share the breadth of knowledge that we all have, so let's get started!

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Business Development for Coaches


So you've learned all of the coaching skills you can possibly fit into your brain, you've practiced all of the tools and tricks, and you've taken all of the assessment and additional training and certifications you can possibly afford. You're good to go as a coach right? Sorry. There's one more piece to this whole thing, and it's unfortunately a big one. Business Development. How do you get clients? How do you keep clients? How do you create lasting and powerful relationships that will enable you to continuously have an influx of clients? These are all million dollar questions. We will be delving into these topics and answering your specific questions in this Meetup.

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