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Practical Happiness

Are you happy at this moment? Why or why not? This will be a group that openly discusses happiness. What is it? How can we attain it? What does science, psychology and neuroscience say about it? What role does money play in happiness?

Practical Success

Have you found something purposeful to pursue in life? Can you do it freely without worrying about paying your mortgage, or tuition? Can you travel freely? Can you spend as much time with your family and friends as you want to? This portion of the discussions will deal with financial freedom. Life is short. So it's important to shape your life the way you want it to. Increasing cashflow, learning about basic financial education, and passive income will facilitate this.

Who are We?

Paolo - A forward thinking, serial entrepreneur, founder of growthlabs.ca. He has an interest in analytic philosophy, neuroscience, AI, and psychology. Finding financial independence and purposeful work early on in life he's looking to use his experience to help others find their purpose, make money (so that they can pursue it) and ultimately happiness in the end.

Sam - A visionary designer, budding entrepreneur, and happiness blogger. As a student of Mechanical Engineering he has worked on various projects, including designing a revolutionary new wind turbine that dramatically boosts efficiency over current standard models. While currently employed to design (non-military) drone components, he is exploring how to apply systematic engineering principles to happiness for the benefit of others.

Alex - After finishing his masters in computer science Alex went on to co-found a company that connects brokers to the mass public directly. He has vast experience in the financial field, not only as a CTO and programmer, but as a broker, helping hundreds and thousands of people carve their way to financial independence.

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