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If you have been meaning to 'get around to meditation' or can't focus long enough to meditate' or if you prefer to meditate with a guided meditation or within a group then this 6 week course is ideal for you.

Practical meditation is a form of meditation that helps you solve daily life problems. By setting an intention or asking a question at the start of the session, you will be guided to the answer during your meditation. Some people see images, others will be hear or feel guidance and others get a combination of all 3 aspects. Either way, it will bring you to a place of understanding, clarity and relaxation no matter what type of day or week you are having.

Most people say they couldn't meditate before trying practical meditation and then after a few months, they don't know how they did without it. Once you are used to the process of practical meditation, it can be done anywhere, your desk at work, on a bus or train, first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

It helps bring a sense of calm to your life, some people report a better night's sleep and quite a few have had breakthroughs in many life areas such as career, health and relationships.

It's £50 for 6 weeks and all levels from beginners to advanced as it's more about your own progress rather than others. See www.wellbeinggenie.com for more details and to register.

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