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We have had many students participate in our Practical Spirituality 4U Classes and the feed back has been wonderful. Lots of Breakthrough Moments of Clarity and Shifting of Energy in a more positive productive direction. One of the common statements we are hearing is a desire for follow through coaching. Michelle Barr and I (Kim St.Andre) listened to your feed back and have put together a few options for Coaching to go along with the Practical Spirituality 4U classes.

Each Month we will Teach and focus on one theme related to the 4 Class Series.
Month One will be The Energy in Everything.

Here are the options you can chose from:
The Energy In Everything Class~$30.00
Wednesdsay, March 3, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sunday, March 7, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Description of the Energy in Everything Class:

Do you often feel like you take on the emotions of others? Do you feel emotions intensely?
If you are Empathic, understanding Energy and how to control it is vital to your own well being. Understanding how energy works and how to control energy in you and around you is key to developing your Psychic and Mediumship abilities. Oh How I wish I had this class when I first began to open up to receiving messages.

In this class you will learn how to protect,cleanse and raise and lower your Energy. Learn how to notice subtle changes in Energy and what that means.
You will also learn how to notice higher and lower Energies. By the end of this class you will gain an understanding of Energy and learn tools to help you raise your Vibration.

Coaching Options after you have taken a Practical Spirituality Class 4U:
To RSVP and pay via paypal for Group Coaching visit www.PracticalSpirituality4U.com

Inaugural Price of $75.00 for a month of coaching to include the following:
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Regular E-mails offering Daily Tips and Weekly Teachings
Access to Audio and Video created by Kim and Michelle
Quantum Biofeedback Group Session by distance with the EPFX, which includes a written report
This is a great Deal The EPFX Session alone is valued at more than $75.00

Additional Offerings that enhance the classes and coaching program and allow you to work even more closely with Kim and Michelle personally. You can participate in these any month that you are involved in the Coaching Program:

Individual Intuitive Coaching and Guidance Session with Kim and Michelle; by appointment only, available any time during the month.
Cost $180.00

Empowered Focus Group meets with Kim and Michelle once a month; limited to 10 participants each month. This session will wrap up the month and prepare for the next months class. We will take a look at how far you have come, pinpoint areas of concern and give intuitive guidance for your continued success. This group will be limited to 10 participants to ensure each participant receives what they need.
Wednesday, March 31, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Cost $50.00

To RSVP and pay via paypal for Coaching visit www.PracticalSpirituality4U.com


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