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For anyone who wants to hone their craft in the field of acting. This group will encourage independent film makers to support actors in our group with shoots and edits, as we meet up casually to practice scripts and dialogue.

Some basic preparation is essential! Download a script that you enjoy and let us know what scene and character you would like to prepare. Then you can practice this in the group, with a recording on your mobile phone.

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Practice Group for Actors Meetup III

WeWork 27-01 Queens Plaza N

For anyone who wants to improve their skills in the field of acting. Some basic preparation is necessary ahead of the meetup: 1) Identify a scene you would like to act and get recorded on a basic camera (even a mobile phone camera). 2) Message the organizers on meetup, let them know what that scene is. Send the dialogue. That way we can facilitate who will read with you. 3) If you have a monologue, cool! Let us know. It's best if everyone does this. It's not about great acting. It's simply about acting, practice, and more practice. You can bring basic wigs, mustaches, glasses or costumes, if you feel it will help you get into the role, but its not essential. We will divide into small groups so that everyone gets some practice. Except for positive feedback, the role of the group is to be supportive, and not provide critical analysis on whether it was an academy worthy performance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Those who don't reply may not be invited to the event. Happy preparing!

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Practice Group for Actors Meetup II

WeWork 27-01 Queens Plaza N

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