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Whether you're a long-time meditator, an Eckhart Tolle fan, or are just curious what it's like to stop thinking and be truly in the NOW, you will benefit tremendously from practicing Presence.

Why? The mind is constantly bringing us into the past and future—and often that thinking comes with fear, worry, regret, anxiety, resentment, and stress. Yet the world around us is filled with abundant possibilities, and our inner guidance is always there for us, waiting to guide us to our heart's desires. When the mind is over-active, we miss out on what the Present Moment has to offer. We sometimes get stuck in endless thought-loops that don't serve us or contribute to our happiness.

Quieting the mind—even emptying and silencing it—can be done! With practical tools and some practice, we can reclaim our consciousness and enjoy the spacious NOW.

In this NOW Group, we will be diving in and experiencing a state of pure Presence together... and reaping the benefits. The goal is to go deeper into the state of presence and allow it to become the stable, reliable and dominant state of your being.


* Feeling peaceful and relaxed
* Letting go of oppressive thinking, fear, worry, stress
* Allowing fresh new energy and solutions to find you
* Fully and truly experiencing the Present Moment of your existence
* Reconnecting with source energy/your inner being/higher self/universe
* Re-setting your State of Being and get a fresh start or approach
* Realizing/knowing that YOU are not your mind or your thoughts
* Embarking on a more easeful way of living
* Meeting like-minded people on the spiritual path who also wish to grow and transcend the limitations of mind and ego!

It's quite magical to be in a state of pure Presence. Everything becomes brighter and more infused with lifeforce energy.

PRESENCE is something you experience directly. It's experiential rather than intellectual. Our focus is to get right into the experience of it and make a real difference in your life immediately. We have powerful tools to do this. All you need is your willingness. Best of all, the group energy provides a supportive powerful setting for your success.

Come enjoy the NOW with us as we practice the Art of Being Present together.



Tony has been studying Eckhart Tolle teachings intensively for many years and applying them in his own life daily. He is passionate about helping others to experience Presence, and has completed the "Teaching Presence" course from Eckhart Tolle.

Tony is also a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner, a Limiting Belief Elimination Mentor, a certified Reiki energy healer, and a Metaphysical Mentor with a wealth of other tools and insights to share—from limiting belief elimination, astral travel and dream interpretation, to psychokinesis, kundalini energy work, and more. He loves to facilitate others' liberation from limitations, so they can return to that Loving Divine state that we all are underneath our human struggles. To learn more about Tony, please visit the website: http://www.ToneLove.energy

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Becoming Fully PRESENT

Jewell Park

Becoming Fully PRESENT

Jewell Park

Becoming Fully PRESENT

Jewell Park

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