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Good news Everyone,

we are about to deliver another exciting event for you. This time we will talk about pipelines. We will help you to design CICD story which will help you to automate day-2 operation for your apps and infra so you can have more time to hack on new technologies.

Pipes, blocks and Pipelines

CICD pipelines, infrastructure as a code a lot of concepts popularized by cloud adoption. Lets reiterate on the topic and uncover how good CICD pipeline differs from a bad one. We will show you examples of a situations where pipelines went terribly wrong and what to avoid to not go this way. We will also embrace all the best practices you should follow to implement robust and expendable CICD

CD and Kubernetes - day after

Application deployment on Kubernetes cluster can feel like a very easy task since it's becoming industry standard for running containers. You have application up & running within minutes and it'll run smoothly forever. Or not? Day 2 operation and keeping CD really continuous is more challenging task and first deployment.

Let's take a look on dark corners of LCM on Kubernetes and discuss ways to make it brighter. I'm going to give you helping hand with deployment design and save you from running `kubectl` as CD.

* `kubectl` magic & pitfalls
* Uprade workflow
* Update and configuration changes
* Rollback or roll forward?

our space is limited, don't hesitate and RVSP.

The event is organised by JetBrains s.r.o."