Image Retrieval Overview - Filip Radenović

Machine Learning Meetup Prague
Machine Learning Meetup Prague
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Image Retrieval Overview - Filip Radenović

In this talk, we will overview the topic of image retrieval. Initially, we will focus on retrieval methods based on Bag-of-Words (BoW) image representation, which exploit geometric constraints. We will then discuss how standard similarity-based image retrieval formulation uses BoW with geometry to satisfy only a single user requirement. Then, we will show how different formulations employ the same methods to fulfill different requirements in other tasks, such as online browsing of image collections, image analysis based on large collections of photographs, or 3D model construction. Finally, we will present how BoW with geometry dispenses with the need for costly manual image annotation to perform Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) training.

Speaker: Filip Radenovic (

18:15 - (19:45) Talk + discussion
20:00 - ... Networking

Language: English

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