Ethical Design in a world full of data


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When you wake up in the morning and hit your favorite news source, you already know that something is wrong with the world today. The Facebook data breach, Linkedin data leaks, credit card information stolen, some states interfering with elections across multiple countries.

Some of this news could be fake, but most of them are correct, and they have something in common - in all these cases there was some degree of a personal data breach. This should make us reconsider how we think about our customer, how we protect their data and why should we do it.

In this short talk, I will tell you a story about how I discovered one of the first leaks in Facebook (do not google me), and how my mindset changed because of that. I will also cover some basic concepts, mainly around data protection and ethical design, that you should consider while designing (not as in graphic design only) web products for customers.

• 7:00pm - Meet and greet
• 7:15pm - Ethical Design in a world full of data
• 8:45pm - Review and feedback
• 9:00pm - Networking, snacks and beer

About Bogo
* I am a Pirate! My signature is on the establishment act of Pirate Parties International.
* I ran for European parliament with the idea to fight for our digital rights
* I love startups
* I was on Forbes twice :) On Wikileaks and Globalvoices once :)
* I have founded a small company and organized more than 30 events (for developers, hackers and designers) in USA and Europe.
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